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  • YAJA PR - Advertorial Article

    • SALE PRICE: $199.00
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    • Journalism or PR Student writes an advertorial based on your brief.
    • Student can take photos or use your existing digital images.
    • Advertorial will be listed on ANP and YAJA (extended reach).


    • Article will be publish on YAJA entry page and in the feature section on top of the ART NEWS PORTAL news feed.
    • Your article will also be featured listed in our email newsletter.
    • Your article will be shared into our social media channels.
    • Creation of original high-quality shareable content for websites, blogs and social media channels.
    • Feel good story for your business as you are supporting students and YAJA.
    • Further exposure if article gets nominated for the YAJA or even becomes a winning entry.
    • Article says published! Ongoing visibility over years to come.
    • Your payment is tax deductible.

    Best used for advertising:

    Upcoming exhibitions, gigs, product launches, red carpet events/premieres and more ...

    YAJA PR - Advertorial Article