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Youthfire collaborates with Sloe Motion on stunning hand-drawn animation music clip for ‘Hallucinate’

BY Sarah Guppy - This Much Talent | 26-Nov-2016
Youthfire’s Stephen Carmichael began his musical journey, when he was introduced to artists like Phil Collins, Tears For Fears, Pink Floyd, Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson, igniting his fascination and love for 80s music, leading to his storytelling through music about capturing his personal life and composing it into his own style of New Wave, 80’s nostalgia. Youthfire is delighted to reveal his collaboration with Sloe Motion on his hand-drawn animation music clip for new single ‘Hallucinate’, due for release today via MGM.
A fascination with creating custom digital and video artworks, tweaking and contorting colour, shape and movement to reconstruct static subjects into a moving image drew Sloe Motion’s Bec Todd to working on ‘Hallucinate’ – “Collaborating with Youthfire is always a pleasure. His textural, electronic beats and lyrical prowess reveal a deep, fragile landscape brimming with emotion and creativity.”

Bec Todd was the perfect artist to bring Youthfire’s vision to life, by creating the animation from all hand drawn images: ”I'm really inspired by Bec's work and how she approached creating the "Hallucinate" film clip (she's very patient and lovely) as there was a lot of going back-and-forward on the exploration of ideas. I wanted to capture a feeling of uneasiness and disarray in order to articulate the emotions explored in the song, such as loss, longing and confusion.”

Inspired by his own life experiences, Carmichael’s songwriting is artistically adventurous, exploring themes of hope and identity in a manner that is spiritual and larger than life. Lead by his intimate vocal delivery, which is enigmatic, yet relatable, his ethereal beats and textured synthesisers leave you wanting more.

Youthfire’s new single, 'Hallucinate,' is officially released on 25 November 2016 through MGM Distribution.

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