Young artists see their works exhibited for the first time!

Published by: Awesome Arts | 25-Oct-2021
Students from North Balga Primary School and Bentley Primary School were thrilled to celebrate their artworks at AWESOME Festival for Bright Young Things in 2021.
In 2021 AWESOME Arts has been visiting North Balga and Bentley Primary Schools through the Metro Creative Challenge Program. Participating children have been working with two professional contemporary artists over a series of 20 workshops to explore art-making and to facilitate sharing of important stories of individual and community identity. These residencies are proudly supported by Crown Resorts and Packer Family Foundation.

This year’s theme ‘Gathering’ encourages children to consider the places and times when and where we come together as a community, and the importance of spending time together. What real or virtual spaces for communities connect and share experiences in 2021, and how have these changed in the last year?

From the 12th of August through to the 11th of November AWESOME Artists Matt Aitken and Bellamore Ndayikeze have been working with Bentley Primary School students on a project that is music to our ears. The young artists have been working with found sounds and objects to transform familiar items into art, creating new ways of looking at the world around them. The have created a selection of unique, vibrant percussion instruments that will be used to record a song together at the conclusion of their residency.

From the 21st of July through to the 13th of October AWESOME Artists Jodie Davidson and Addam worked with North Balga Primary School students to explore sculpture and installation. Participating children decided to bring new life to an area of the school which will be transformed into a colourful ceramic community village. The children also designed and built imaginative class mailboxes out of natural materials, which will be permanently installed under the school’s paperbark tree.

Faces lit up as North Balga and Bentley students saw their artwork displayed in a public space. Bentley’s pre-primary and year 1 students had the privilege of seeing their hand-crafted instruments on display side by side and North Balga’s year 3, 4 and 5 students swelled with pride as they viewed their sculptural pieces set up for viewing. The remaining weeks of both residencies felt the surge of confidence from students and we are looking forward to seeing what new creativity this will bring.

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