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YOUARENOWHERE - Andrew Schneider

BY Arts House | 08-Jul-2015
Award-winning creator/performer, Andrew Schneider presents a rapid-fire existential meditation in live performance.
Venue: Arts House
Address: 521 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, Australia 3051
Date: Thu 15 to Mon 19 October
Time: Thu to Sat 7.30pm Sat 2pm, Sun 5pm Mon 6.30pm
Ticket: $15 - $39
Buy / Ticket: http://sa2.seatadvisor.com/sabo/servlets/TicketRequest?&presenter=AUARTSHOUSE&event=nowhere
Web: http://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/ArtsHouse/Program/Pages/youarenowhere.aspx
Image: Maria Baranova
Award-winning creator/performer, Andrew Schneider (The Wooster Group) presents YOUARENOWHERE, a rapid-fire existential meditation in live performance.

Blending physics lecture, pop culture and personal revelation, YOUARENOWHERE exposes cracks and anomalies in the cosmos, dissecting subjects from quantum mechanics and parallel universes to missed connections and AA recovery steps.

YOUARENOWHERE conjures a fluid, shifting landscape of sensory overload, incorporating an array of visual and aural effects, creative coding, interactive electronics and wearable sensors. Battling glitchy transmissions, crackling microphones and lighting instruments that fall from the sky, Schneider transforms physical space, warps linear time and short-circuits preconceptions of what it means to be here, now.

YOUARENOWHERE imagines the awe and discomfort of meeting oneself. What happens when you view yourself from the outside? How do you hold on to yourself when confronted with an exact replica? Which one is real? Which one is you? And what happens next?