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Yi Pei Loh's Solo Exhibition "Stroll, Stop and Stare" at Toot Artspace from 1st AUG, Opening 3rd Aug 4-6PM

BY Yi Pei Loh | 31-Jul-2019
Yi Pei Loh displays pencil and soft pastel drawings as well watercolour and Chinese ink paintings of local neighbourhood St Kilda in his solo exhibition "Stroll, Stop and Stare" at TooT Artspace 1 - 18 August. Meet the artist at the opening on 3rd August from 4 - 6 pm.
Venue: TooT Artspace
Address: 5/17 Irwell Street, St Kilda 3182, VIC
Date: Opening: 3 Aug 4-6pm; Exhibition: 1-18 Aug
Time: Thu-Sat 11am-5pm; Sun 12.30-2.30pm; By appointment 0402 656 778
Web: https://tootartspace.com
: www.facebook.com/lohyipei
: www.instagram.com/loh.yipei
: www.lohyipei.com
EMail: lohyipei@gmail.com
Yi Pei Lohs Solo Exhibition Stroll Stop and Stare
Letterbox on the Roof, Yi Pei Loh
Stroll, Stop and Stare presents Yi Pei Loh’s art on paper depicting surrounding and everyday life of his living neighbourhood, St Kilda. By observing everyday objects, landscapes and architecture, the artist is inspired to create light-hearted and interesting art in different media. Yi Pei likes to strolls around in the neighbourhood and often surprised by the beauty of the common as well the extraordinary of local place. Those discoveries always inspire the artist with passing whims which eventually shape his works that see the interplay of the realistic and the fictional.

Originally from Malaysia, Yi Pei Loh primarily works with Chinese ink and watercolour on paper. He explores a range of artistic styles and expression to tell stories visually. Each exhibition is treated as a picture book that tells his daily experience and imagination. Imaginary cityscapes, fairy tales and landscapes are his main subject matters. Strangeness, playfulness and dark humour are his elements. Through depictions of the unreal, he explores real feelings and emotions. He invites viewers to place themselves in his enchanting landscapes and generate their own stories.