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YAJA (Young Art Journalism Awards) Crowd Funding Campaign @ Pozible

BY YAJA (Young Art Journalism Awards) | 08-Jun-2016
YAJA IS CALLING FOR YOUR SUPPORT. YAJA is a new innovative awards concept giving journalism, media and art students the opportunity to showcase their talent in capturing art and culture in a creative way.
PLEDGE NOW @ https://pozible.com/project/yaja-young-art-journalism-awards
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PLEDGE NOW @ pozible.com/project/yaja-young-art-journalism-awards

YAJA is designed to offer students and fresh graduates media opportunities, industry mentoring, networking opportunities and a large audiences reach as well as awards recognition.

YAJA is free to enter, independent and 100% self-funded.

YAJA depends on sponsorships and donations from universities, industry partners and the general public.

Sharing the experience of young students rising above the rest, because they dared to jump in at the deep end, without knowing what they may find - it means a lot of things to a lot of people.

Universities are proud to be associated as instrumental contributors towards student achievements through education. Parents are proud of them as their kids and industry professionals love to recruit them for their demonstrated abilities.

The buzz, the cheering, the emotions, standing alongside many other people, we all experiencing the same positive vibe... this is what attracts us all to events like this.

We now have an opportunity to rally together and make history. Through our commitment to this crowdfunding model, together we can help establish a future for online journalism through art on an international scale and have their works speak boldly to the world.

Our number one goal with the YAJA is to be able to establish an ongoing event driven by you: the passionate and the idealists, the professionals in academia and arts, collaborating to support aspiring students in a sustainable way so that the YAJA will always be there for us.

With transparency across the entire planning process and open communication with those involved throughout, the YAJA’s aim is to provide a great experience for everyone participating.

We have the strength in numbers. Let’s help journalism students to thrive in a dramatically changing world of communications. We are YAJA.

How The Funds Will Be Used

Funds raised will be used for Marketing Activities & Student Support.

Your donation is crucial. It will help us to spread the word about the YAJA and make sure we can offer maximum guidance, mentoring and support to students.”

“Thank you for your support. See you at YAJA!”