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Yabru Gumai Waiburra Art and Culture

BY Naomi Crawford | 20-Aug-2016
Tapas Club & Miami Marketta present Yabru Gumai Waiburra and Culture an art event featuring Gold Coast artists Torry Torrisheba and Sylvester Cook. Ever wanted to explore some modern Aboriginal art? We are bringing you two excellent local Indigenous artists together for ONE NIGHT only to emerge their uniquely traditional styles into one great show, all while Tapas Club serves up delicious food and drinks to the smooth tunes of DJ Freddy Fly Fingers. #Indigifusionart
Venue: Miami Marketta
Address: 23 Hillcrest Parade / Miami / Queensland / Australia
Date: Wednesday 31st August 2016
Time: 5pm - 9pm
Ticket: Free
: https://web.facebook.com/events/1777598605809106/
: https://www.facebook.com/Indigifusionart
Torry is a Papua New Guinea born, Aboriginal Australian, A Djabera djabera Man, who made a strong commitment to art, culture and tradition after a series of events put him into a month long coma. Not only is art part of his healing process, like meditation and therapy, he also wants to share his culture and traditions, his ancestry and his story and perhaps even inspire and encourage others to do the same. When Torry paints, he expresses from his heart, adding memories, tales and legends from his indigenous past.

Torry says 'My connection to the sea and land stems from growing up on country and living on the ocean. It taught me to respect and nurture what nurtures ourselves. The colours of the red earth and bluest ocean is instilled in my veins, a connection that is my life blood'

His artworks tend to gravitate towards the environmental impact that we are leaving in our footprints. His goal is to make everyone aware off the damage we are causing to our environment, our wildlife and ultimately our children.

'As an artist it is my responsibility to create and share, through sharing we can break boundaries that restrict us and dissolve prejudice but still remain unique and true to our authenticity, our identity and our culture.'

He lives by the motto : DREAM ,CREATE AND SHARE

Sylvester was born in Armidale NSW and is a proud man of Anaiwan people. His paintings show his strong cultural connections to the land, through native animals allowing the stories of their spiritual connection to his country shine through. Within his collection he also paints Aboriginal men, calling them his warriors and survivors of this land. He likes to paint with acrylic on canvas and board and has been venturing out onto surfboards and engraving. He also has an interest in designing art for family totems and is a personal preference as it comes from the heart and soul.

Sylvester says 'I have been able to give back to community through painting murals, community workshops and exhibitions.'

With display by Debbie Gale of Lil Miss Pink Crochets