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Xue Mo, Artist

BY Catherine Asquith Art Advisory | 23-Apr-2014
Paintings from the artist's homeland.
Venue: Catherine Asquith Art Advisory
Address: http://www.catherineasquith.com
Date: May 2014
Web: http://www.catherineasquith.com
EMail: mail@catherineasquith.com
Call: (03) 9510 4732
Portrait of Miss Tuya, 2014, oil on linen,61 x 51cm

Xue Mo has been working as a full-time practicing artist since 1998. Xue’s approach to the genre of portraiture is unique: situating Asian subjects in a highly stylised manner that is reminiscent, both technically and compositionally, of the portraits of early Renaissance artists of the quattrocento period such as Piero della Francesca, Fra Angelico and Andrea Mantegna.

To Xue, these great ‘masters’ epitomize painting in its purest form. Xue draws her subjects from her homeland of Mongolia and is singularly focused on the female subject, impressed by the ‘noble simplicity, natural beauty, and serene dispositions’ of the young fieldworkers. We have been representing Xue Mo exclusively within Australia, since 2001.