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Wyndham Art Prize

BY Wyndham Arts | 09-Mar-2016
An exhibition of local, national and international artists showcasing some of the best in contemporary art. #wyndhamarts #wattonst #werribee
Venue: Wyndham Art Gallery - Wyndham Cultural Centre
Address: 177 Watton Street Werribee Australia
Date: Wednesday 16 March - Sunday 1 May
Web: www.experiencewyndham.com.au/artsculture

The WYNDHAM ART PRIZE invites Australia’s best artists to exhibit at Wyndham Art Gallery.

Showcasing contemporary art in the suburbs, artists bring their diverse mediums to compete for the lucrative suite of prizes including the main $10,000 Wyndham Art Prize and $2,000 People’s Choice Award.

Deakin University offers two prizes for prospective students to study at a post graduate level.

The 2016 WYNDHAM ART PRIZE is significantly larger than 2015 with 100 applicants submitting over 180 works of art. Seventy four works have been selected from artists across Victoria and Australia as well as a number of local artists. The prize has also attracted international artists. The exhibition will include video, painting, sculpture and even two unusual dresses, one of which transforms into a tent. This work by Martha Poggioli includes a timelapse of the artist wearing the dress and then sleeping in the tent that the dress becomes.

The people’s choice award also offers visitors to the gallery the chance to select their favourite work and vote for it.

Artists include: Alun Rhys Jones, Andrew Southall, Anna Glynn, Anne Flemming, Anyupa Stevens, Bernadette Pilli, Carol Rowlands, Carolyn Dew, Catherine Bailey, Chee Yong, Chris Humphries, Claire Bridge, Damien Shen, David Asher Brook, David Ashley Kerr, David Brophy, David Marshall, Fiona Kemp, Genevre Becker, Georgia MacGuire, Hamishi Farah, Ioulia Terizis, Jacob Raupach, JamesTylor, Janet Fieldhouse, Janne Kearney, Jo Lane, Jonathan Mendez Baute, Julie Rees, Josh Muir, Karen Standke, Kari Henriksen, Katjarra Butler, Kent Morris, Laura Padalini, Lee Harrop, Lisa Kotoulas, Liz Stute, Liza McCosh, Lucie McCann, Lukas Stobie, Martha Poggioli, Megan Webber, Michelle Ripari, Monique Barnett, Naomi Troski, Natasha Narrain, Nayarapayi Giles, Pamela Pudan, Paul Borg, Paul Snell, Penelope Campbell, Peter Waples Crowe, Richard Manning, Rosalind Lawson, Rowena Hannan, Ryan William Duffurn, Samantha Bonham, Shirley Ploog, Steaphan Paton, Nick Stella, Steve Salo, Sue Anderson, Susanna Castleden, Susan Macco Forrester, Wanda Gillespie, Yvette Ten-Bohmer.