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Writer : Yvonne Perkins will be open Jim Chen show ~ May 20th Saturday from 2 – 4 pm @ ArtSHINE Gallery!!

BY Mickie with ArtSHINE Gallery in Chippendale | 18-May-2017
We will be having historical writer : Yvonne Perkins open the show! Graduated with first class honours in history from the University of Sydney in 2010 and she has worked on a number of research projects included a major ARC-funded study on the history of teaching reading in Australia.  Come and Join us and be a part of the opening. Jim Chen's with Head On Photography @ ArtSHINE Gallery in Chippendale. ~ May 20th Saturday from 2 – 4 pm.
JIM CHEN. "Performance" ~ 出场 (Print Only)
30.0 x 102.0 cm, Professional pigment print on ILFORD Lustre paper . UD 195 incl. GST
"Lit by the setting sun, I found clouds performing on a still, water stage. Light and clouds are key elements in my landscape photography. Clouds can add drama, but the highlight of the performance is often momentary." Location: Jervis Bay, NSW

~ Yvonne Perkins helped with the artist Jim Chen's book 'Beauty and Stillness'. This book can be purchased at the gallery. She brings such a delight to give us her insight into how it was to create Jim Chen's Artist Book. The pages are filled with the world of beauty and brought together with words. Currently Perkins is writing a book about the religious beliefs of Australian soldiers on the frontline in World War I. We are looking forward to her attending our artist opening. She understands historical research and brings it to her audience.

Come and be a part of an afternoon with the arts.

The historian Alan Atkinson, author of the award-winning book, Europeans in Australia, Volume Three: Nation, said about Perkins work:

"Yvonne Perkins has made a very significant difference, tying her own perceptive research on the Federation period, its moral and religious dimensions, to my own inquiries."

Alan Atkinson, Europeans in Australia: Volume Three: Nation, p. xxii

Artist’s Statement of Jim Chen:

"Beauty can only be captured through the act of stillness. In this state, I become at one with the scene and see with the artist’s eye. Light and clouds momentarily join to reveal beauty, even in the most unnoticed places. I click the shutter as the scene becomes a poem, a song."


"I feel a deep connection with the beauty of scenery and, over a lifetime, have fallen deeply in love with it. I was one of many creative artist of the Great Northern Wilderness Etching Group. It had a strong influence on me at a very early age and is the origin of my love for scenic photography and is my most basic fundamental inspiration.

Instead of using paints and brushes, I'm now using the camera to capture scenery. Although the medium has changed, my art is still being created with the same pair of eyes, the same capabilities and the same passion.

Landscape photographs often show a famous tourist destination or landmark, with the beauty of the photographs relying on the beauty of the location itself. My main focus is not on those. Instead, it may be a view of nooks or corners, a small piece of a wide field, an interesting shape, a tone or a group of colours. They often don't have a name, like monuments do, and because of their transient nature, it can be difficult to go back and re-shoot the same scene."

Come Join us as writer Yvonne Perkins opens Jim Chen show this Saturday from 2-4pm @ ArtSHINE Gallery!!