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World Art Drop Day

BY ART NEWS PORTAL | 14-Aug-2014
All artists, (that means students and professionals, painters and cartoonists, sculptors and illustrators, animators and fine artists, EVERYONE who creates) this September 2nd is World Art Drop Day. Wherever you find yourself that day, drop a piece of your art and tell someone where to find it. The world needs this right now. We need to feel a little more connection to each other and there's nothing like the bond two random strangers can make through the act of creating and giving. #artdropday
Date: September 2nd
Web: http://mrjakeparker.com/art-drop-day

Here's how it works:

Draw a picture and hide it somewhere.

Take a photo of either the art or the hiding spot or a combination of both.

Post the image, the city you dropped it in, and a hint on any social media of your choice. Be sure to included the hashtag: #artdropday

Then move on, hoping someone finds it. OR hang around and meet your new friend.

That's it!

I need your help spreading the word on this. Reblog it, retweet it, facebook it, or even tell someone in person!

September 2nd, lets connect the whole planet with art!