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WOOHOO REVUE with special Guests EDEMA RUH Katoomba RSL

BY Charity Mirow | 02-May-2014
Woohoo they're coming back to the Blue Mountains! The WOOHOO REVUE with special Guests EDEMA RUH at Katoomba RSL: Sat 10th May 2014. Early bird discount tickets available!
Venue: Katoomba RSL Club
Address: 86 Lurline St, Katoomba, Blue Mountains NSW
Date: Sat 10th May 2014
Time: Doors 7:30pm. Support Start 8pm.
Ticket: $20 pre-sale / $25 on the day
Buy / Ticket: www.facebook.com/events/1375959246013895
Web: www.thewoohoorevue.com.au
: www.facebook.com/events/1375959246013895
EMail: info@fusionboutique.com.au
Call: 02 4782 9758

Put on your dancing shoes for a frenzied blur of Balkan, Gypsy, Swing & Jazz! Call them what you will – “Balkan gypsy brass band”, “roaring ’20s swing ensemble”, “Wild West fiddle contest” or a “soundtrack for Looney Tunes” – it barely scratches the surface. There are few, if any parallels to the sound of The WooHoo Revue. A fiendishly talented sextet of horns, strings and drums, The Woohoo Revue have forged their reputation throughout Australia as a festival favourite with their signature sound and an adrenalin-fuelled celebration fit for dancing, drinking, and ignoring tomorrow. Their fiery compositions and virtuosic musicianship invoke a feeling of romance and bravado. Every tune expresses a sense of occasion, transporting the listener to a rampaging after-party at a circus sideshow in a palatial ballroom. Picture yourself as the star of a technicolour movie surrounded by Hellzapoppin’ dancers swinging a Charleston two step, a 1920’s speakeasy in a fantasy setting where all your wildest dreams come true.

You find yourself dancing a loose waltz, being thrust into dangerous spins by laughing friends and as your troubles wash away, a tall dark stranger takes you in their embrace and moves you gracefully, elegantly through a passionate tango. Without warning, a Dixieland street party erupts, you link arms for a circle dance, you clap, you shout, you feel alive. You are transported by The Woohoo Revue and you will love them for it. "The group all are amazingly talented musicians, and the Woohoo sound is a frenzied blur of Balkan, gypsy, swing and jazz. You know the kind of sound I´m shooting at; the kind that makes you dance by kicking your legs about haphazardly and spinning until you can feel your brain burning. The band managed to sap the entire populace of the NSC of energy, beating them senseless with their whirling tango tunes. Big big love for the Woohoo." - thedwarf.com.au Opening up the evening will be 7-piece band Edema Ruh to bring you Folk music from places that don't exist! Edema Ruh are known for their high energy live shows, esoteric song stylings, and sense of adventure, that their music creates.

They indiscriminately blend elements of wildly varying styles. Edema Ruh are deeply entrenched in the Folk Tradition, while mashing Balkan, Celtic, Gypsy, Latin and Caribbean and American styles with the can-do attitude of Free Jazz, and the intensity of Metal - sometimes all within the same song. Sprinkled atop this mountain of musical mayhem are stories filled with tragic and beautiful characters, adventures, irony and very poor advice. They create a sound that is difficult to describe, but certain to intrigue, excite, and have every able body in the room dancing wildly. They secretly wish they were Gypsies.

Doors Open 7:30pm Tickets on sale at the Club Box Office Now! $20 pre-sale OR $25 on the day - Sat 10th May 2014. OR Purchase online for $23.50 including booking fee by clicking this direct link: http://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/the-woohoo-revue-at-katoomba-rsl-club/70798 Or with credit card by phoning Moshtix on 1300 GET TIX / 1300 438 849 www.facebook.com/events/1375959246013895 Katoomba RSL is a family friendly, not-for-profit venue with a community focus. *Minors need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and supervised. Courtesy bus leaves on the hour from 6pm-11pm. Call for a pick up in the local area 02) 4782 2624