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Wondercore Island Release Brisbane Trio Vulture Street Tape Gang's Beat-Tape - 'Hung Phat Jewellery'

BY Wondercore Island | 02-Jun-2015
Jazz improvisation meets beat production with a self-sampling vocoder rap analog synthesiser battle of science-fiction proportions over the top is what you'll hear from Brisbane's Vulture Street Gang's beat tapes. The group's tapes are the founding premise, the vital aesthetic constraint that shapes the project's sound and performance practice.
This year Vulture Street Tape Gang will be debuting a three volume set of 60 minute sonic collages titled Vulture Street Beat Tape Series. The series plays homage to three pseudo-iconic locations along Brisbane's West End/

The first of the three part volume - Hung Phat Jewellery - takes its name and design from the mysterious Vietnamese gem merchant at Shop 2, no.60 along the strip. The beat tape is also the first release to come from Wondercore Island as a label and will be released as a free download and cassette.

Hung Phat Jewellery will be released on physical cassette with the purpose of lending itself only to linear, whole enjoyment filled with 78 snippets simultaneously put together for 60minutes of enjoyment. At the end of the 30 minute side listeners can flip the tape and continue the sonic journey.

This said, listeners are also able to enjoy a digital release of Hung Phat Jewellery. Allowing listeners not only the ability to actually listen to the tape, but the freedom to single out their favourite beats, skip others and record or shuffle the beats to remap the sequence of their own liking.