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Women Of Substance - Exhibiting February at Red Hill Gallery

BY Red Hill Gallery | 12-Feb-2014
Women Of Substance - Exhibiting February at Red Hill Gallery - First major exhibition for Red Hill Gallery in 2014
Venue: Red Hill Gallery
Address: 61 Musgrave Road Red Hill 4069
Date: 15th February - 2nd March
Web: www.redhillgallery.com.au
: www.facebook.com/RedHillArtGallery
EMail: art@redhillgallery.com.au
Call: 0733681441
Copyright 2014 Red Hill Gallery

Women Of Substance - Exhibiting February at Red Hill Gallery Danielle McManus draws her inspiration from everyday life. The naive and wide-eyed whimsical figures evoke stories that people can relate to. She moves across various mediums working her gentle characters on ceramics paper and canvas creating timeless memories with a touch of innocence. Melissa Gollan has created a series of works that are imaginative, captivating and colourful. Her love of all things vintage is depicted in her paintings with oft forgotten simple and joyful experiences.

Quirky and fun, her work will have a wide appeal amongst lovers of art. Leah Anketell paintings originate with childhood visions. The Australian outback culture is a strong influence with the bovine often featured. Leah portrays the humble bovine as a metaphor for the human condition, infusing her subjects with all the angst that comes from living in an age of transition. Seabastion Toast paintings involve an exploration into animal archetypes and the relationships humans have with animals and their environments. Much of her source imagery includes animals in flight or fight, in which a contrasting beauty can be excavated from an originally terrifying or violent image.