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Winter at AC- New shows by Chelsea Gustafsson, Emilie Wright and Steven Christie, Andrea Hughes, Emma Louise Carter and Kat Teede

BY Kate Wallace | 21-Jun-2017
Set to open this Friday at 6pm, Alternating Current Art Space is proud to announce its next group of shows by Chelsea Gustafsson, Emilie Wright and Steven Christie, Andrea Hughes, Emma Louise Carter and Kat Teede. From the hyper-real practice of Gustafsson to the intimate recollections of Emma Louise Carter, AC warmly invites you to join us in our celebrations of five incredibly diverse and unique shows. @alternatingcurrentartspace
Venue: Alternating Current Art Space
Address: 248 High Street, Windsor VIC
Date: 23 June- 15 July
Time: Opening night: 23 June 6-8pm. Exhibition hours: Thursday & Friday 12-7pm. Saturday & Sunday 12-5pm
Ticket: Free
Web: http://www.alternatingcurrentartspace.com
: https://www.facebook.com/events/1519540011424833/
EMail: info@alternatingcurrentartspace.com
Call: 03 9525 2459​
Chelsea Gustafsson 2017 Still Life with Ikea Bowl, oil and acrylic on board 35x40cm
Commencing in Gallery One, the hyper-real practice of Chelsea Gustafsson culminates in This Is The Start of Something Ordinary. Exploring narratives of ‘loss, awkwardness, hope, failure, success and victory,’ Gustafsson’s paintings of inanimate objects recall experiences common to us all. Through a series of still life compositions devised of everyday items, Gustafsson seeks to instil meaning into the unambiguous via juxtapositions that delight and confuse.

Emilie Wright and Steven Christie present Time Isn’t Holding Up in Gallery Two. An exchange between artists, the exhibition examines how destructive gestures are layered into monumental forms, with ‘the role of futility and the function of physical labour explored through separate, repeated acts of erasure and deconstruction.’ Through the disparate practices of installation and drawing, Time isn’t Holding Up interrogates the materiality of structures, and in turn, the nature of their formation and destruction.

The work of Andrea Hughes manifests in Sometimes Nothing is Something. Taking place is Gallery Three, the distinctive and colour fuelled practice of Hughes comes to the fore via a series of repeated forms and shapes. Through the dialogue of paint, the artist examines ‘repetitive motion and its ability to transform familiar objects into forms that give way to new meanings.’ A series of delicate print patterns formed by traces of paint left behind often reveal an unexpected image, or else an abstraction of the familiar. Hughes’ process of applying pressure and removing paint results in works that are governed by chance and control.

Exploring the idea of the portrait as keepsake, Emma Louise Carter presents Memento in Gallery Four. Working primarily in painting and collage assemblage, Carter incorporates the ornamentation styles of Jasperware and classical Cameos into imagery from photographs stemming from personal and found collections. The works, diluted in colour and tone, examine ‘how we access social histories through exploring the personal engagement with familiar images.’ The works are nostalgic in nature, recalling familiar scenes spent with family and friends.

Kat Teede combines aspects of drawing and performance in a site-specific piece taking place in The Cupboard. Titled Performing Space, the installation continues Teede’s investigation of the subjective nature of experience, how we each respond to that which surrounds us. The installation is ‘a performative artwork visually evidenced through the drawn gestures of the artist’ on the gallery wall. This becomes a record of the artist’s physical and psychological presence, evidence of her own engagement with space.

All exhibitions will be open from 23 June to 15 July 2017.