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Winning Art Prizes - Art Prize Planner is going global - Fundraiser

BY ART NEWS PORTAL | 10-Jan-2013
What will the money grow? It will be used to help me go visit first hand, or at the very least contact art prizes and important festivals so I can do the quality research and let people know all about the Art Prizes site. Then it will go to producing a website and at the same time the first issue of the Prizes and Festivals planner. And from there we will work hard to build a really wonderful resource for artists.

If there are sufficient funds and demand we will also create a world prizes and festivals app for your smart phone.

With your support the production will go like this:

1.Building on everything we have learnt about art prizes and festivals we will build a new website and publication for International Prizes and Festivals and build the international art prizes website

2.Get to work by expanding our listing of international art prizes by contacting or visiting as many as possible as soon as possilble

3.Then produce an International Art Prizes pdf planner (taking off from our Australian Prizes Planner)

4.Publish an ebook (pdf) which will feature the best of the international art prizes, including pictures, interviews and information. What a great way to learn about what each prize offers

5.Finally, if we get over our target there are some really wonderful Stretch Goals.

The Art Prizes Planner (pdf) is a calendar based view of forthcoming prizes over the year. It will list as many of the art prizes as possible at any given time and is regularly updated.