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Winners are Grinners

BY Darmin Cameron | 15-Dec-2016
Winners of the 2016 Nimbin Youth Film Festival announced at the grand screening and award presentation at the Nimbin Town Hall. Awards were presented by the Mayor of Lismore Hon. Isaac Smith. @Nimyff @nimbinyouthfilmfestival #nimbinyouthfilmfestival
The Winners NYFF 2016 with Mayor of Lismore Isaac Smith

Nimbin Youth Film Festival 2016 - Festival Screening and Awards.

The Nimbin Youth Film Festival was created to encourage young people to make and show their films to a live audience on a big screen. These young filmmakers are enticed off You Tube and in into a darkened room, honouring the grand tradition of Cinema.

Each year since 2010 an expectant audience has filed into the Nimbin Town Hall and taken their seats to watch these films projected large with a cinema-sized sound.

Young, old and in-between are witness to the Judges selection of films, awards are announced, and Trophies and cash prizes handed out. This year the Mayor of Lismore the Hon. Isaac Smith presented the awards and congratulated the winners. This year over $2500 in prizes and trophies were awarded to the entrants.

The festival celebrates the fact that young people now have the technology to make films, never before in the history of filmmaking have young people controlled the filmmaking process. Past winners have been as young as 9 with films sometimes made on an I-Pod. The festival awards good stories and their entertainment value.

There is a big plus for adults in watching these films, they get to see what young people are thinking about. Adults can gain insights into what young people care about, what they are interested in, and what is influencing them. These films made by young people can be very revealing. Hopefully this will bring more understanding, more compassion and more empathy for the challenges young people face in the 21st Century transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

Here are the top six winners as picked by the judges Jeni Kendall, Paul Tait and Paris Naday including the judges comments by.

Senior section 19 to 24 yr old sponsored by TAFE North Coast NSW. First Prize Retail Therapy Carly Frankham. What the judges said - We see the everyday trauma of the checkout! Hell. The acting throughout this short drama is fantastic and in particular the woman checkout employee who is exceptional and we imagine will have a huge future. The cinematography has high impact shots and is well thought out. With reverse angles etc. it has great sound and perfect editing - we all gave it very high marks for direction. Could not fault this film which created tension and drama and was a good tight story very well done. Please all keep going as a team.

Second Prize Dress to Express by Stone May. A ccontemporary complex story of a boy growing up and coming to the realisation that he wants to express himself as female. We see the difficulties this brings with his family as the story unfolds. This drama is very well done and developed, the acting is wonderful and the content is treated with great sensitivity and attention to detail. Technically it could have been improved with more time spent on fine cut editing. More time could have been spent on the audio mix and have been better balance of shots and a few shots cut out or cut down. All in all very well done. Again please keep the films coming.

Third Prize -Rowboat Ronnie by Max Shearman and winner of the Laugh out Loud award. We all loved this animation that is so funny and well done in every way. The story is crystal clear and the style of the animation so suits the narrative. The animation is fantastic and the sound so imaginative and well done. Again could happily see this in the cinema or on TV. You also have a real future in animation.

Juniors section 0-18 sponsored by Nimbin School of Arts, Social Futures and Nimbin Environment Centre were.

First Prize-The Day They Met Clive by Alako Myles – Very sophisticated story well told. Excellent soundtrack, subtle facial expressions and close ups with great expression and impact. The standard in this animation is fantastic and could easily be seen in the cinema or on TV. Cannot fault it and think you have a real future in animation.

Second Prize -Hitch by Henrika May - A well done story with a blend of dream and reality and very interesting concept. Editing could have been a little smoother in delivering the story but camera and sound very good.

Third Prize -A Family Story by Eleanor Gibson. Very young girl interviews various members of her family and gives us an interesting insight into their lives and a context for her own life. Very fresh and great off beat questions that really revealed a lot about her relatives and the structure of modern Australian families. She had thought about the questions, spoke very clearly and she patiently heard the answer without interruption and thanked each person with respect. The set up for the filming was considered and the audio was clear and good. Perhaps could have given us an introduction to what she was about to do with the film. Could have been a tad shorter but very engaging and we would encourage this entrant to keep going on her journey with filmmaking.

To see the films visit the Nimbin Youth Film Festival Facebook page and follow the links. For more info www.nimbinyouthfilmfestival.com

The Festival is sponsored by Lismore City Council, North Coast TAFE NSW, Nimbin School of Arts, Social Futures, Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre, Nimbin Environment Centre, Nimbin Pizza and Trattoria, Nimbin Hills Real Estate, The Green Bank, Nimbin Apothecary, Armonica, Pot of Gold.