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Wildlife at Lamington Drive Gallery

BY Lamington Drive Gallery | 30-Nov-2012
Lamington Drive is proud to present new illustration works from Arts Access Victoria. Three separate exhibitions will coincide at once – the launch of Artsider, a new outsider art magazine, the launch of Ed’s Alphabet, an illustrated children’s book by Edward Treloar, and Birds, a series of illustrations by Kristy Sweeney.
Venue: Lamington Drive Gallery
Address: 15 - 25 Keele St, Collingwood
Date: Wildlife opens at Lamington Drive on Friday 7
Time: 1pm
Web: www.lamingtondrive.com
EMail: info@lamingtondrive.com
Call: 03 8060 9745

Artsider is a new publication from Arts Access Victoria, it is a showcase of the leading outsider art currently being produced in Melbourne. The inaugural issue of Artsider focuses on the portrait work of five artists who form the ‘Satellite’ studio based in Monash. Satellite is a weekly arts studio run by Arts Access Victoria in conjunction with Monash Gallery of Art. The artists of Satellite are Vinh Nguyen, Paula Whiting, Joceline Lee, Jeffrey Phillips and Fiona Sutherland.

Ed’s Alphabet is a new children’s Alphabet book by artist Edward Treloar. The book features exquisite drawings in ink and water portraying animals to illustrate each letter. These works were completed over several months at Art Day South, a weekly arts program based in Dingley Victoria and run by Arts Access Victoria.

Kristy Sweeney's Birds is a series of illustrations completed over the past 12 months. Kristy’s highly detailed pencil drawings both faithfully represent her subjects and at times evolve into an imaginary realm. Kristy’s works were also completed at Art Day South.