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WICK FRINGE SERIES: Featuring 12 Performance Seasons, Visual Artists, Live Events and More!15 - 27 September at Wick Studios in Brunswick

BY Sarah Guppy - This Much Talent | 16-Aug-2016
This Fringe Season, Wick Studios will re-purpose their recording and rehearsal facility and events venue into a Theatre, Comedy, Visual Art & Music hub curated by Luke Rogers (The Dog Theatre) and Emily Edwards (Independent/The Dog Theatre) from 15 - 27 September, 2016.
Venue: Wick Fringe Series 2016 at Wick Studios
Address: 23-25 Leslie St, Brunswick
Web: http://wickstudios.com.au/
: https://www.facebook.com/TheDogTheatre
The Wick Fringe Series will feature 12 performance seasons, by 10 different artists and companies, including visual art from Sarah Masson and Jessie Adams plus events and lineups from The Village Festival and Wick Live.

With each room completely soundproofed, Wick Studios is the perfect platform to run multiple intimate shows consecutively, without sound bleed or disruption. Perfect for Fringe! From 5pm each evening WICK LIVE will come to life in the venue’s front room, with impromptu performances, delicious coffee, snacks or your preferred alcoholic beverage and FREE ENTRY – WICK LIVE in the front room is the place to be!

This September be daring and see something new and celebrate all things Fringe and independent with Bombshells, Love Letters to Fuck Bois, The Curiosity Experiment, Uncle Lisa’s Fun Emporium (including Spiders Wearing Party Hats, Art Sex & Snacks and Queer Comedy Showcase), Oxytocin, Terraform, Showga, The Boys, FACESWAP, Lose The Plot: Adventures in Storytelling, Apologue, and Spring Clean.

The Dog Theatre - Bombshells by Joanna Murray-Smith

The Australian contemporary classic Bombshells by multi-award winning writer Joanna Murray-Smith is a play of six monologues each depicting six characters, first performed by Caroline O’Connor in 2001. Presented in a new format, emerging ensemble ROARE re-examine the roles of these six different women - and their desperate yet humorous approaches to balancing inner life with their outer worlds.

Wightman & Stark - Love Letters to Fuck Bois (and other woes of wayward women)

Follow letters from the loins of two ladies as they question sex, love and intimacy in the age of Tinder. The clit is the pen and the pen is the sword with these Scarlet Letters that delve into the neurosis of the female libido. Who defines embarrassment in the boudoir? Are we all doomed to be unlucky in love?

Nathan Schulz - The Curiosity Experiment

In the traditional form of story telling on Christmas Eve, The Curiosity Experiment is an interactive ghost story for an intimate audience of 13. The audience will be told a story that has been passed down the generations, of a supernatural experience the Delamere family had by candlelight.

Sparkledaddy Productions - Uncle Lisa’s Fun Emporium

Enter Lisa-Skye’s 12-day zone of comedy fun, featuring the unlikely love story ‘Spiders Wearing Party Hats’, the hit panel show ‘Art, Sex & Snacks’ (15th-20th September), and a revolving lineup of Melbourne’s favourite queer comedy performers in ‘Queer Comedy Showcase’ (22nd-27th September).

Marian Blythe - Lose The Plot

Adventures in Storytelling an improvised storytelling show featuring a variety of artists directed by an MC.

Chelsea Evans - Showga

Award-winning artist Chelsea Evans brings you her outrageous yogi alter ego, Chakanunda Vaganunda Chikki Chikki Wa. A hilarious look at the commercialization of yoga. Prepare for incense, Instagram and a whole lot of Lycra! Learn how to love yourself, because no one else does.

StarheART Theatre - The Boys

Gordon Graham’s The Boys focuses on the story of three Australian brothers who commit a crime and the effect it has on the women in their lives. The brutal and disturbing murder of a young woman forces central characters Michelle, Jackie, Nola and Sandra to question their positions with the boys and if they could be truly capable of committing the horrific crime.

Wielding Theatre - Faceswap

A face can be stretched between authenticity and lusting for touch Inspired by their own experiences of the ups and downs of good and bad sex and love. Wielding Theatre takes a step back from our technologically driven pursuits of romantic happiness and looks at both the humorous and sometimes painful world of dating...

Spoon Eyes Productions - Apologue

Are you feeling lucky? Are you feeling satisfied? Are you feeling alive? Your time starts now... Apologue is a grotesque insight into the unsettling nature of modern culture and entertainment.

RAWcollective - Spring Clean

Meet Rowena; emerging from brain fog and other ensuing disasters, ready to spring clean her life and get her sh*t together. Nothing a good smudging and a green smoothie can’t fix! With a unique mix of drama, comedy, dance, headstands and yoga, Spring Clean will dazzle and delight your senses.

Visual Artists

Sarah Masson - Oxytocin: Patterns of the Heart - a vibrant portraiture series examining queer relationships, available for silent auction and accompanied by live painting on Fridays, Sundays, and Mondays in front room Jessie Adams – Terraform: Textiles and Terrain - a twelve-metre overhead installation of screen printed chiffon silk, accompanied by textiles for silent auction in support of Friends of the Earth.

The Village Festival - The Village Fringe Festival –

Friday 23 September at 6pm and Saturday 24 September at 12pm Australia’s favourite touring arts festival visits Wick Studios for the final weekend of Fringe, featuring a thoroughfare between Wick Media and Studio A to the main building and bar the creating a café lounge, hosting carnivalesque games and roving performers.

Wick Studios - Wick Live – Front Room

Every night from 5pm Wick Live will become a platform for artists to spruik an incidental audience, preview their Melbourne Fringe performance, showcase their talents or just jam. Wick Live will feature special guests throughout.

15th - 27th September 2016 (Excluding Wednesdays)
Open from 5pm-11pm Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday
12pm-11pm Saturday and Sunday
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible/toilets.