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#WhoCares? - Unusual project of teenager

BY Filip Sokołowski | 29-Dec-2015
I’m a 16-years-old student from Poland and at age 15, I have created really interesting project - (http://whocaresproject2015.tumblr.com) with crowdfunding (http://igg.me/at/whocares2015). My project combine some of the most moving and the most important photos in our history, shown as something very trivial and fleeting - as Snapchat’s snaps. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/WhoCares-1516564108641760/ My Snapchat - @fisok99
Hi. I’m a 16-years-old student from Poland and at age 15, I have created really interesting project - http://whocaresproject2015.tumblr.com with crowdfunding (http://igg.me/at/whocares2015).

My Story

My name is Filip Sokołowski. I love every kind of art and I want to associate his future with it. Recently, I have created project titled "#WhoCares?”…

Details & Meaning

"#WhoCares" is something unparalleled in world of art. It includes the most moving and the most important photos in our history, shown as something very trivial and fleeting - as Snapchat’s snaps. It shows us how irrelevant are things that should be considered as important, in comparison to banal present. Contrast between our typical "first world problems" and real problems can highlight our lack of knowledge and respect for the human history, achievements, intense feelings, values, art and also copyrights, intellectual property and equality. Nowadays, young people aren't aware of things that are truly important - they are very narrow-minded and they live in their own colorful, carefree world where is no place for respect. I don’t want to insult anyone with my ironic and controversial art - I just want to note some problems about which most of us don't care. We have to discuss it and face them as soon as possible. Obviously, I don't agree with theses included in my snaps, they are just to show the history in very prosaic way which is typical nowadays. I also need to say some things about photographs which I have used as backgrounds. I don't have rights to them, but it highlights a lack of respect for intellectual property and adds a little relish to a whole thing. Moreover, they all are just a canvas - the most important things are the messages coming from every single snap and a whole series. However, it is still illegal, but who will sue a teenager on the end of the world… Also, to show that we can’t see what is really important, I used a lot of emojis (especially one - „😂”, which was chosen as Word of The Year 2015), and rude expressions used by common today's teenagers. My project is on the border of art and technology - and that's how modern art should look like. It should be very meaty, momentary and adapted to our times - soon art will not be shown in galleries, but on, for example, Tumblr. I think that my project will start a new art movement (it has to be started by somebody really fresh and young) - soon wealthy collectors will pay for apparently worthless things, like prints of screenshots or accounts in social media, where originals were sent just after making them.

I’ve also placed a lot of symbols in my project. Here are some examples of their meaning:

Square format of „backgrounds” - ignorance for framing and value of best pictures in the history and reference to posting square photos everywhere;
Sad emoji appeared only in snap of crashed Diana’s car - for most people today, money is everything what counts;
Photos occulted by text - no respect for perfect composition and important topic; Interface elements which encourage to add drawings etc. - not taking the situations serious - we always can add something to make it fun;

Exhibition & Auctio

My ambition is having my own exhibition and auction. I’ve got a couple of ideas to make them adequate to new art movement. First, the exhibition. In my mind I have got a vision of white, ascetic wall, covered with white iPhones and individually displaying my snaps, each one different. Then, let’s proceed to the biding. I want to put on sale something really innovative, unusual and odd. My first idea is selling a Snapchat account where I sent all the original Snaps just after making them. Of course they will be in a sealed envelope with a certificate of authenticity and a certificate of not opening the snaps. They could be put on a Wall instead of some boring paintings. Another thing that I could sell are prints - but not a usual and boring prints.They wouldn't be printed on paper. Because they would be made in 21st century, they should be displayed on iPhones.
It’s sad that these devices will act like paper for them, when in some countries a lot of people still can’t afford even the simplest smartphone. But art isn’t about compromises.

Mundane Goals

Apart from creating new art movement and changing the world, I also need something more earthbound. I started a crowdfunding campaign to rise money for the exhibition and to start collecting money for my future college - I am willing to study in film school in USA, and monthly tuition in my dream school is equal to almost 4.5 average monthly salaries in Poland… Also, I want to put my art on biding, to increase chances of making my dream true.


Thank You for reading and I hope that You enjoyed my project and… thought a little about our world.
Very controversial. Seriously different form. New art movement. Very young author. Problems we have to discuss. But #WhoCares?