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BY Chrissie Vincent Publicity | 05-Dec-2014
Here we go again. Get ready and get set for booking a slot at the time of you lives at BOOGIE 9. Always on the Easter weekend, always at Bruzzy’s Farm in Tallarook, just an easy drive up the Hume. For entertainment we got one big stage for bands, one weird and wacky clubhouse for whatever happens there, and one very loose late night Hillbilly House Party. We also have the finest of booze available at fabulous prices at many locations and a smorgasbord of tasty treats. You know it, you love it. Let’s do it all again. #boogieboogiepartyparty
Address: TALLAROOK, VIC, Australia
Date: BOOGIE 9. APRIL 3,4,5, 2015
Buy / Ticket: www.boogie.net.au
Web: http://www.boogie.net.au/
: www.facebook.com/boogieboogiepartyparty

So, let’s let the musical cat out of the bag, well, some of them anyway. So here goes….

POKEY LA FARGE (USA) - Pokey LaFarge is a musician, songwriter, bandleader, entertainer, innovator and preservationist, whose arsenal of talents has placed him at the forefront of American music. Over the last decade, Pokey has won the hearts of music lovers across the globe with his creative mix of early jazz, string ragtime, country blues and western swing. Pokey’s music transcends the confines of genre, continually challenging the notion that tradition-bearers fail to push musical boundaries. Rather than merely conjuring up half-forgotten imagery of days past, Pokey is a lyrical storyteller, the plot delivered smoothly through his dynamic vocals. Both on stage and off, his effortless wit never fails to charm audiences, giving way to a live music experience that manages to be grandiose and unassuming all at once. This will be Pokey’s second tour to Australia but his first to Boogie so we’ll be making him very welcome come April!

JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE (USA - The Tennessee troubador will be playing solo, raw and brilliantly at this years Boogie. Come and marvel at his “hammer” guitar picking’ style, hot looks, many tattoos, extensive catalogue and fine outfit he is sure to be wearing. We love a bit of JTE, and he never disappoints.

ROCKET SCIENCE - Word around town the recent reformation of ROCKET SCIENCE for the Mick Blood tribute at The Tote was so good, we thought let's turn the clock back, wave our Boogie hands over a theremin, and shake the foundations. Welcome back to the stage boys

TONY JOE WHITE (USA) - This will be the Swamp Fox’s fifth appearance at Boogie. He played the first one, and holds a special place for us all. Stretchin’ out with an old Fender Strat, a few vintage pedals and a trusty drummer, he’s gonna let you have it all swampy style. You may have seen the rest of the free world is catching up with his magic of the great man with him featuring in Dave Grohl’s Sonic Highways doco series and a blistering performance with Foo Fighters on Letterman.

HE BOMBAY ROYALE – The cocktails will be flowing and the hearts will be racing when The Bombay Royale hit the stage at Boogie. They are the originators of vintage Bollywood inspired sounds form lonesome spaghetti to surf rock to spine-bending disco, all overlaid with the voices of protgonists The Tiger and The Lady singing in Hindi, Bengali and other languages…..this band is going to blow your mind!

Please welcome back, from Spain, LOS CHICOS - hey ripped Boogie a new ***hole when they played a few years back, how could we not bring this country-punk-rock-soul-gospel machine back for more. These great party defenders are a mix between Black Flag and the Shananas or like Otis Redding with a Texas Punk Garage band with their gear about to explode.

DRUNK MUMS - You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that’s into rock and roll and not into a Drunk Mums record. It’s well written, raw and most importantly free of pretension. In essence what they do is straight up Aussie rock and roll reminiscent of The Coloured Balls with a contemporary garage slant and an enthusiasm to match in the live setting. They do what they do and they don’t seem to care what anyone else thinks.

PONYFACE PLAYS NEBRASKA – Now this little pony is something not to be missed! Melbourne’s indie rock, shoegaze, psychedelic, country folk band Ponyface present a mediative reimaging of Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’, taking the record down the path that the E Street Band wouldn’t and couldn’t have travelled…this will be an absolute Boogie piece of art and sonic wonderment!

DAVEY LANE - is a young man on a rock n roll, Soviet space inspired mission. Stepping aside from this duties in the You Am I, Davey and band will present his debut long player, Atonally Young, in all its raucous glory come early April. Guitar swingin’, pomp and ceremony awaits.

THE PEEP TEMPEL - Carol is a rippin’ song, by a rippin’ band, as is their hot new album, ‘Tales’, a straight up Australian rock n roll classic! Blake, Strike and Stew have been melting faces up and down the east during the second of 2014 with their own headline shows, and converting kids, mums and dads alike to the rock n roll styling’s and swagger of The Peep Tempel.

ALI BARTER – Ali's been building her following touring up and down the east coast sharing the stage with acts such as The Rubens, Cloud Control, Alpine, High Highs and Holy Holy. Her clear, pure tone has a habit of elevating every note she sings, evoking comparisons to a long list of acclaimed singer songwriters - Cat Power, but also Sharon Van Etten and Bat For Lashes.

FUCK THE FITZROY DOOM SCENE – this heavy blues/fuzz rock band from Melbourne were born from the dark recesses of four musical masters, a collective riff hungry consciousness that knows its place within the hands of fuzz/stoner rock. FTFDS members include Dave Ferguson, Jake Hills, Alejandro Adams, and Luke Bolton, who have known each other for centuries. Legend has it that on Dave's 480th beer at an unknown gig, the band appeared before him in a dream like haze and he said to them "Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene". So there you have it. Each member is a main vocalist, with critics heralding them as having "The voices of dark angels. A bit like the Beatles of fuzz rock, or ABBA, either way." Fuck it, and fuck it good.

COOL SOUNDS – Are the Melbourne based jangle enforcers with their sweet pop guitar sounds and dreamy vocals. They recently released their latest cassette ‘Melbourne Fashion’ (yes we said cassette) via super hip Whalesmouth Records and have been known to do Cool Sounds karaoke, so if you've ever dreamed singing with a band on a festival stage, these guys and Boogie might just make that dream come true for you.

BROADS – now here’s a musical partnership of two of the loveliest ladies in the country/folk scene today. Featuring Kelly Day (The Nymphs, regular guest with Wagons) and Jane Hendry (The Tiger & Me, The Nymphs), these ladies have developed a harmonic symbiosis with luscious harmonies and a face melting live show…at Boogie they’ll deliver a new, slightly criminally-minded take on the acoustic folk duo!

EATEN BY DOGS - Melbourne town is full of the world’s best alt-country songwriters and bands. Eaten By Dogs is one of them. Their songs are honest, rich and spacious – they’ve managed to make a record that sounds great in the sun with a beer as well as late at night with a whiskey, so they’ll fit right in on the Boogie line up!

FAIR MAIDEN – is a band from Adelaide lead by Ellen Carey, her striking voice at its core, at times sweet and obliging, at others doused with unearthly majesty. Fair Maiden’s reach from songs of disarming, haunted folk to subversive 60’s pop laments….yeah, catch them, you won’t be disappointed!

So here it is. First slab of acts for the good times. POKEY LA FARGE (USA), JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE (USA), ROCKET SCIENCE, TONY JOE WHITE (USA), THE BOMBAY ROYALE, LOS CHICOS (SPAIN), DRUNK MUMS, PONYFACE PLAYS NEBRASKA, DAVEY LANE, THE PEEP TEMPEL, ALI BARTER, FUCK THE FITZROY DOOM SCENE, COOL SOUNDS, BROADS, EATEN BY DOGS, FAIR MAIDEN….plus a very special nine more cats to be announced in the New Year plus DJs and other on site shenanigans.