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When I Grow Up: A Cabaret about Disney, Boobs, and the Quest for Adulthood

BY Anne Gasko | 13-Oct-2015
When I Grow Up is a show for anyone who has ever accidentally killed their houseplant, binge-watched cartoons in their pyjamas or realised that grown up life isn’t quite what they were expecting. Part stand-up, part cabaret, part slumber-party for adults. With wine.
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Venue: The Butterfly Club
Address: 5 Carson Place, Melbourne, Australia.
Date: 25/11/2015 - 29/11/2015
Time: 7pm nightly
Ticket: $25-$32
Buy / Ticket: https://thebutterflyclub.com/show/when-i-grow-up
Web: https://thebutterflyclub.com/show/when-i-grow-up
: www.facebook.com/anne.e.gasko
: https://www.facebook.com/events/156281491383535/
EMail: anne_gasko@hotmail.com
Anne Gasko in When I Grow Up (Photo by 3Fates Media)
In When I Grow up, Anne Gasko has assembled a quirky and song-studded look at the struggle to adult (yup, it’s a verb). Blending her whimsical sense of humor, soaring voice and a healthy dose of social awkwardness, Anne tackles all the big questions for a generation teetering on the edge of grown up life, such as:

-What exactly is a checking account, and by what age should you have one?
-Is it possible to be a functioning adult and still believe in epic Disney-style love?
-And why aren’t pajamas acceptable daywear?

When I Grow Up explores the expectations versus realities of being a grown up with refreshing frankness and honesty. Gasko invites you into the world of one nearly-30-something as she confronts the hard, confusing and wonderful thing that is adulthood. There will be laughter, tears, Disney and, of course, there will be wine.

When I Grow Up is a joyous and fearless premiere show from one of Melbourne’s finest talents. Bookings highly recommended.

Show Details: When I Grow Up
Dates: 25th – 29th November
Time; 7pm (50 minute run time)
Cost: $25-$32
Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne, 3000
Ticket Link: thebutterflyclub.com/