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What You Can't Forget by Sam Octigan

BY Just Another Agency | 08-Mar-2014
'What You Can't Forget' new works on canvas by Sam Octigan
Venue: Just Another Project Space
Address: 153 Greville Street, Prahran
Date: Opening April 10th - show runs till the 27th April
Time: 6-9pm
Ticket: Free!
Web: https://www.facebook.com/events/251977974981677/
: https://www.facebook.com/justranotheragency
EMail: hello@justanother.com.au
Call: +61424459436
by Sam Octigan

Just Another Project Space is proud to present What You Can't Forget, an exhibition of painted works on canvas by Melbourne artist Sam Octigan. Following up his debut 2012 solo show 'Of Two Minds', the exhibition will feature larger works on canvas as well as a site-specific mural installation. In this body of work, Octigan examines the idea of history repeating itself, the ways in which we subconsciously cling to certain moments in our lives and how these experiences underwrite the way we see things like certainty, truth, justice, faith and love. Even after having acknowledged the fallibility of these experiences. We feel ourselves acting out based on impressions we take on as children, only half aware as adults, of how these experiences are hard-written into our consciousness.

We grasp at them, as if attempting to solve a riddle, as they fall in and out of the ether. Life remains cyclical. Doors are opened and closed, wires connect and disconnect, memories surface and disappear. These themes are represented in each work visually, through Octigan's use of composition, line, color and contrast. Featuring detailed realistic renderings framed with dynamic abstractions and an emphasis placed on composition, the paintings read almost as visual riddles, compelling the viewer to engage, and connect their own dots. What You Can't Forget show's Octigan's growth and current focus as an artist, with both the works visual and conceptual increasing complexity. The opening reception of 'What You Can't Forget' takes place on the 10th of April, 6pm at Just Another Project Space, 153 Greville St Prahran and runs until the 27rd of April.