What's Up Stonnington - Listen Up

Published by: Just Another Agency | 15-Dec-2022
Find yourself in the depths of an immersive soundscape created by multi-talented Naarm musician and multi-sensory artist Lost Few.
Venue: What's Up Stonnington - Prahran Square
Address: Izett Street, Prahran
Date: 13-29 January 2023
Time: 3-8pm
Ticket: Free
Buy / Ticket: https://events.humanitix.com/tours/whats-up-stonnington/
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What's Up Stonnington - Listen Up
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Image Copyright / CDN: Photo by Lost Few
'Listen Up' explores arid, uninhabited corners with processed instrumentation and greyscale electronics. Lost Few’s interdisciplinary approach pieces together visceral experiences in sound, light, scent, touch, and vision for something we promise you’ve never felt before. Become a part of the Listen Up installation, and discover a totally unique sensory experience representing the diversity of Gender Binary, Intersection, Fragility and Masculinity.

ARTIST STATEMENT | “A Ceremonial undressing of identity, Fragility of Necessity is part of a series of sound and video works that explore the idea of masculinity. Through the documentation of a dancer set within a natural environment. Beauty and brutality, the work poses the question of what is soft, what is strength, why are anger and sadness intertwined?”

ARTIST BIO | Naarm/Melbourne musician and multi-sensory installation artist ‘Lost Few’ explores arid, uninhabited corners with processed instrumentation and greyscale electronics. His interdisciplinary approach looks at building visceral sensory experiences in sound, light, scent and vision. Recent works have focused on the individual's relationship to physical space and how we respond to our surroundings, both social-cultural and natural, through immersive live performances and installations.

13-29 JANUARY | Thursday - Sunday 3-8pm
Please Note: Sunday sessions from 3-6pm will be LOW SENSORY
Session Registration (limited capacity per session) is required. https://events.humanitix.com/tours/whats-up-stonnington/63917507659d4bd652dd7f00?

Proudly supported by City of Stonnington

Fragility of Necessity video credits:
Artist & Director: Lost Few (Dave Thomson)
Producer: Gabby Fisher
Videographer & Assistant Director: Ben Davies
Dancer: Callum Mooney

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