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What is Crowdsourcing?

BY gg | 19-Jun-2014
It goes hand in hand with crowdfunding, people who engage in both are philanthropists and dreamers who are reaching out to others to share their dreams and do the right thing because it’s right.
collage by gg original pictures by independent talented photographers
You ask people to help you with their ideas, share their experience or come onboard your space shuttle. To create a viable crowdfunding campaign, it needs proper planning and research, surely you have done that on your own in the shower, before standing on the public podium, rehearse it with other professionals and get their advice, learn from their experience or better yet they might end up sharing much more to help you make it a reality. Investors invest in people, the idea has to appeal to them surely but the creator and team is what really matter, the most wonderful idea with no one to execute it is useless. It is a great testing ground to ascertain the viability of your project, it serves also to get the reaction of the public to your idea, it’s a focus group in a targeted closed community, almost similar to professional social media platforms but the twist here is the platform is not about networking, it’s about helping you in every sense to reach your goal. Once you’re ready to go for it, the platform offers you the possibility to auction works during the campaign and everyone behind the scenes are engaged and committed along to help you with spreading the word and bringing on the target audience. theartpreneurs.com platform is launched, it provides all this dedicated strictly to visual artists and art projects on a members only platform. It’s a small boutique crowdfunding setup, the team works with you same as you would expect when shopping in a small private art store rather than a hypermarket.