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What do artists, artpreneurs and crowdfunding have to do with the new BRICS Development Bank?

BY Geronimo G | 16-Jul-2014
As a matter of fact nothing on the onset besides possibly creating nice murals on their massive walls if an artist gets the commission. The reason I brought this up I could imagine this bank introducing the new phenomena and future of finance, crowdfunding. The bank itself is going to be crowdfunded by these countries to exist, the money is ultimately coming from the crowd. @theartpreneurs @artpreneurs

The main purpose of this bank is to secure the supply of oil, sugar, coffee and other commodities to compete with others. I believe it has to focus and set as a priority on developing the arts and culture of their communities and that’s where I see the artists and artpreneurs role. It’s not impossible to imagine, they’ll be banking on the most important asset and resource they have. It’s not about creating jobs in the fields, factories and on oil rigs to serve the economy and position the populous in classes.

This is about allowing creativity, freedom of expression and a decent lifestyle not measured by the size of car and number of rooms. It’s a wonderful cause to create and campaign for, share your thoughts let’s work on making it stand for Backers Restructuring Independent Crowdfunding Society if it is to succeed and make a difference. @theartpreneurs @artpreneurs