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Wendy Stokes / Mark & Place: The Space Between

BY Catherine Asquith Gallery | 05-Sep-2012
Recent works by NSW coastal-based artist, Wendy Stokes.
Venue: Catherine Asquith Gallery
Address: 48 Oxford Street, Collingwood Vic 3066
Date: Saturday 8th September, 2012
Time: 2 to 4pm
Ticket: FREE
Web: www.catherineasquithgallery.com
EMail: enquiries@catherineasquithgallery.com
Call: (03) 9417 2828
"Between Mark & Place 4" - acrylic & oilstick on canvas, 152 x 152cm

Artist Statement Daily ritual informs my painting and drawing practice. Residing on the north coast of NSW, my day like many, begins with a ritual walk along the coastal fringe. It is a ritual practice and one which is performed morning and evening on most days of the year irrespective of the weather. Walking involves moving through a space and upon a surface.

The geography of the terrain offers multiple perspectives as I move through the landscape space; one is able to look down from above, where form and space are compressed, one looks across the ocean as surface, at another moment the edge of the ocean, where the sand becomes surface, porous to the tide; ocean glimpses shift through twisted foliage, headlands dissect the space; sky and ocean merge without an horizon.

While these experiences may provide visual clues Mark and Place- the space between are not works painted as en plein air mimetic experience; instead they are of experience, one of immersion in place and atmosphere; the works are the residue of experience in its distilled form. The paintings themselves are borne out of performative practice in the studio, translating these spatial and surface experiences through the receptive qualities of the canvas surface and residue of mark.