Welcome to Wonder Island!

Published by: Angela Ringuet | 24-Nov-2022
Inspired by the Creative Challenge 2022 theme of ‘wonder’, students of Bungaree Primary School developed unique stop-motion animations!
Welcome to Wonder Island!
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Children at Bungaree Primary School working on the backdrop of the animations!
AWESOME Artists Matt Aitken and Elspeth Glen travelled to Rockingham onto Whadjuk Country to deliver a two-week Creative Challenge residency at Bungaree Primary School. During their workshops with the students, they explored puppetry, sound design, filmmaking, stop-motion animations and storytelling.

Participants explored the Creative Challenge 2022 theme of ‘Wonder’ through creating the setting of Wonder Island, using this as inspiration to create characters and delving into their story, brainstorming ideas of how and why they were on the island.

Large canvas backdrops were created for their film which the young artists completed using illustrative techniques, painting, and drawing to depict water, land and other elements such as trees and benches.

A lot of time was spent on developing their quirky characters, not only physically but their personalities and their individual stories. This encouraged the participants to form a cohesive narrative, be inclusive and work together to incorporate each other’s characters into the overall plot.

Students, family and staff were invited to attend a class presentation of the final stop-motion films. This was accompanied by exhibiting their set characters, backdrops as an installation to celebrate not only the final product but the process that took place.

This residency was proudly supported by BHP.

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