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We will be the rain - The Royce Twins

BY Peter Bowman | 10-Apr-2015
A new song to commemorate those who have and continue to serve. It’s been just over 7 months since The Royce Twins, Gabriel and Michael Saalfield, released their self-titled Debut EP. These twin brothers have recently paused from their live performance and EP promotion to head back into the recording studio. The Royce Twins have recorded a brand new song written by them to commemorate the Australian Spirit, and mark in their own way, those who have and continue to serve. @Theroycetwins @Roycetwins #theroycetwins
The Royce Twins

The song is called “We will be the rain”, which tells the story about a soldier who is away from his wife and two daughters at war. The war has changed him but he is determined to get home and spend his life with his family.

There is a very powerful lyric in the song that is uniquely Australian in its character and expression. “If I’m lost, not found like my brothers before me, heaven will gather the clouds and set us free. And we will be the rain on your tin roof”.

“In writing the song, we used the experience of our grandfather who served in WW2. He had a wife and two daughters, one of them our Mum, Suzie Royce. He didn’t speak much about his experiences, but when he did, he teared up” said Gabriel.

“This song is hard for us to categorise, some might call it a tribute song, but since it’s from the perspective of the solider it’s really more about story telling as to what many defence families have gone through and still do” said Michael.

Both Gabriel and Michael hope that the song provides a modern perspective to events and experiences that have shaped modern Australia’s identity. In essence, it’s a story about individuals and their families, which make up our communities.

“A song like this is a departure from what we normally do, but is something we had to do” said Gabriel. “We hope everyone who hears it finds their own family history in it.”

We will be the rain is officially released on 10 April 2015 and is available on iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon.