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WATER BEAR ‘Purple Jake’ EP Launch

BY James Adam | 08-Nov-2016
Melbourne-based psych surf-rockers, Water Bear are celebrating the release of their second EP ‘Purple Jake’ in absolute style. James Morris (Guitar/Vocals), Sam Harding (Guitar/Vocals), Marlon Ryder (Keyboard/Vocals), Tom Keyte (Bass) and Jack Irons (Drums) will appear on the one and only Wesley Anne stage on November 12 to share their 60’s inspired surf sound in full for the very first time. @waterbearband #waterbearmelbourne
Venue: Wesley Anne
Address: Melbourne VIC
Date: November 12th
Time: Doors at 8pm
Web: https://waterbearband.bandcamp.com/
: https://www.facebook.com/waterbearmelbourne/
: https://www.instagram.com/waterbearband/
Recently wrapping up a residency at The Gasometer, Water Bear have been making a solid go of it on Australian soil. Since their debut, Quackadily Blip (2015), the collective’s have deserted their doom-filled riffs and jazz-inspired grooves and smashed straight into up-tempo surf-pop tunes. ‘Purple Jake’ is the band’s second EP to date and acts as a homage to Australia’s leisure-filled lifestyle. The 5-track record tells the tale of an interstellar creature crashing smack-bang into the sand dunes of a typical Aussie beach town while touching on themes of identity and alienation.

Deriving from the depths of conversation at a 24-hour kebab store, the band’s origins date back to the unusual nature of a Tardigrade, otherwise known as a Water Bear. The only organism that can survive the vacuum of space and live in a water droplet, it’s undeniably one-of-a-kind. In a similar fashion, a live performance from the boys of Water Bear offers up quirky costumes, ever changing covers, theatrics, lights and a whole lot of love.