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Vladimir the Crow at Melbourne International Comedy Festival

BY Laura Trenerry | 08-Mar-2019
In this mime on steroids romp through the classic horror underworld, ghoul clown Vladimir the Crow illuminates the darkness with sublime physical clowning and a soundscape full of fun scares and sonic mayhem.
Venue: The Melba Studio, Circus Oz
Address: 35 Johnston St Collingwood
Date: 4-20th April
Time: 7:20pm
Ticket: $20-27
Buy / Ticket: https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2019/shows/vladimir-the-crow
Call: 0455728098
Vladimir the Crow at Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Vladimir the Crow
Created and performed by Paul Bourke Sound design: Stephen Bourke

“Surprising, fun and funny, totally worth catching” Stage Whispers “Using a combination of expertly timed sound design and physical performance, Bourke transports the audience into a strange, surreal dreamscape of every horror cliché you can think of...To boil it down: this show is great.” Theatre Scenes

Vladimir the Crow explodes onto the stage for this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This highly interactive physical theatre show reminiscent of Doctor Brown and steeped in the tradition of Gaulier clown invites this year’s MICF audiences to go nuts and get in touch with their inner child and inner monster. Ghoul clown Vladimir has opened a portal to the MICF to spend some time entertaining the humans with fun horror fuelled antics that terrify him as much, if not more, than they do the audience. Through the culmination of discoveries made through numerous performances at various festivals, Vladimir the Crow has developed and grown into a clown/comedy monster of a show the likes of which MICF and the world has never seen before. For the audience the show is an experience not disimiliar to jumping on a rollercoaster or a ghost train.

From start to finish, Vladimir will have comedy fest audiences on the edge of their seats and laughing till their bellies hurt. We are excited to land at the MICF before continuing to tour Vladimir the Crow to festivals around the globe as a world class clown theatre production and premier piece of Australian theatre. Tech Specs The show requires a standard sound system and a general wash lighting state with LED lights capable of a variety colour changes. The show is designed to be adaptable to various spaces and venue sizes from minimal set ups to full theatre rigs. Paul Bourke Theatre aims to create exciting theatre works which transform space, excite the senses and ignite the imagination through a synthesis of soundscape, presence and physical articulation.

About Paul Bourke:

Paul has been a theatre performer and director for over 20 years. After completing a Diploma of Theatre Arts at Victoria University in 2003, Paul went on to receive a highly prized artist grant to study clown and bouffon theatre at The Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris. He has also studied at The John Bolton Theatre School in Auckland and Helikos in Florence. All of these schools draw upon Jacques Lecoq pedagogy of theatre. This training and experience have formed the foundation and lense through which Paul works as a performer, director and teacher. Paul has also performed with many other theatre companies including Strange Fruit, 4 Larks, I.C.E, The Well, Tarpit, Sanctum and Fullon theatre and teaches Clown and Bouffon at the VCA.