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Vinyl lovers and beat-makers SO.Crates reveal 'Saltfish And Sinnerman' (Skomes and Billy Davis Replay)

BY Sarah Guppy - This Much Talent | 08-Dec-2017
Hip hop fans rejoice as local duo SO.Crates drop the next single from forthcoming EP re-issue of their highly sought after release Static Methods. Teaming up with Melbourne eclectic neo-soul composer and keyboardist Billy Davis, the ‘Saltfish And Sinnerman’ (Skomes and Billy Davis Replay) is the next tasty installment out today from SO.Crates’ forthcoming bonus Replay disc to be featured on the EP re-issue out 27 January 2018.
The underground hip hop and soul duo made up of MC Cazeaux O.S.L.O and producer Skomes, are quickly becoming one of Melbourne’s most revered live outfits with many guest collaborations both on record and stage, a testament to their rising recognition within Melbourne’s music scene. With the re-issue of their 2016 EP Static Methods comes a whole new level of collaborations on the additional Replay disc which will feature team-ups with an eclectic mix of fellow luminaries including Billy Davis, 30/70, ESESE, Laneous, Chicken Wishbone, and Amadou Susso of the Senegambian Jazz Band.

Featuring guest rapper Mike Thesis and suave R&B vocalist Blasko, the ‘Saltfish And Sinnerman’ (Skomes and Billy Davis Replay) has dropped right in time for an inevitable heat wave. A lush jam of sun-drenched synths, soulful harmonies and smooth rhymes, the new edition of ‘Saltfish And Sinnerman’ boasts mellow vibes and downtempo beats with Billy Davis working his magic on the keys for the perfect lazy summer’s day soundtrack.

"This song is a mellow mind state transfusion. I want it to give folks an idea of why the small California desert city I grew up in is so special to me. The heat, the space and the lifestyle are all in there as conscious images that are packed into the music like magazine clippings stuffed into a pretty little shoebox. The Billy Davis replay delivers the same exact story to the summertime and lays it by the poolside at sunset." – Cazeaux O.S.L.O

Friday 8 December – Static Methods Replay vinyl and digital pre-orders available on Bandcamp with an instant download of ‘Saltfish and Sinnerman’ (Skomes and Billy Davis Replay)

Static Methods Reply out digitally and on vinyl 27 January 2018.