VIFAF 2021 Virtual International Fine Art Fair

Published by: World Of Crete IKE | 23-Dec-2021
Virtual International Fine Art Fair (VIFAF) The third edition was a Great success. More then 150 artworks and over the 20.000 Visitors from around the globe. #VIFAF #vifaf2021 #vitualinternationalfineartfair #vitualexhibition #artfair #artgallery #worldofcrete #Artcollector #artevent #artexhibitions
Venue: VIFAF Virtual International Fine Art Fair
Date: 11 December until 18 December 2021 and 9 April until 30 April 2022
Virtual International Fine Art Fair (VIFAF) is an international Art Fair designed, created for Posterus-Event and Posterus360 in 2017 by Count Dr. Thomas A.L maes. Now hosted and organized by World Of Crete IKE within Posterus360 trade fairs.

Where and when? – Vifaf now starts on it’s 4th edition. The events took and take place virtually, first time in 2018. Second edition 30th September until 21 October 2021 Vifaf v1. Third edition Vifaf V2 took place from 11th December until 18th December. And the 4th edition VIFAF V3 takes place 2022 April 9-30.

VIFAF 2021 V2 the 3de edition of the fair had a great success. Reaching 6500 visitor in one hour time during the opening of 11 December 2021. In 5 days, the fair reached a total visitors count of 20.000. Vifaf v2 exhibited over 150 artworks from galleries and artists. As well exhibition on the Moon and Mars. First time in any virtual gallery or virtual fair with this much of high-quality scenery and environment ever seen before. Giving visitor and exhibitors a real fee of been in a real place.

Participants: Christophe Boch, Gallery Zum-Harnisch, Thomas Maes, Ines Laith, Natalie Sobo, Rachie Campbell, Sabine Windischbauer, WOC Gallery, Yukari Blair, Amani ElBayoumi, Angela Thouless, Art By Oums, Davina Dugnas, Leni Acosta Knight, Gabriel Meiring, Aaliyah Ebrahim, Alison Aplin, P.M Event, Annabel Díaz Gil, Uma Aslam, Quynh Klaus, Chan Suk On, Miquel E, Sisko Määttä, Tahara MIo, Joe Stublic

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