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Vida Ryan: Exploring the Secret Language of Intuition at Agora Gallery NYC

BY Agora Gallery | 09-Sep-2016
NEW YORK, NY – Chelsea’s Agora Gallery will feature the original work of Australian artist Vida Ryan in Interpretive Realms. The exhibition opens on September 20, 2016 and runs through October 11, 2016 with an opening reception on September 22nd, from 6 – 8PM. Any art lover who enjoys thought-provoking artworks and meeting talented and interesting artists is encouraged to attend. @Agora_Gallery #agoragalleryny @agoragallery
Venue: Agora Gallery
Address: 530 West 25th St, Chelsea, New York, USA
Date: September 20, 2016 – October 11, 2016
Time: Tues-Sat 11-6
Ticket: Free
Web: http://www.agora-gallery.com/artistpage/Vida_Ryan.aspx
: http://www.facebook.com/agoragalleryny
: http://twitter.com/Agora_Gallery
: http://instagram.com/agoragallery
: https://www.pinterest.com/agoragallery/
EMail: olga@agora-gallery.com
Call: 212.226.4151 ext. 202
Vida Ryan, Flamingo, Acrylic on Canvas, 65''x79''
Through her abstract expressionist paintings, Australian artist Vida Ryan delves into the intuitive aspect of life and how it unfolds from one moment to the next. With a distinct use of color, texture, and line that translates into a freedom of form and composition, Ryan is able to penetrate the unexplored territory of the inner self, bringing out “the unconscious expression that one feels living in the world today.” The free nature of Ryan’s paintings is a product of her approach, in which she embraces each canvas with an open mind, allowing the secret language of her intuition to be channeled through the brush and expressed in abstract form.

Inspired by the works of the Impressionists, much of Ryan’s work is reflective in nature, where forms give way to softer blends of colors that invite a sense of calm and meditation. Other works seek to explore the cultural diversity of her Australian homeland, infusing geometric forms and distinct lines into compositions that demonstrate the beauty that’s possible in the intersection of cultures.

Vida Ryan currently lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

Exhibition Dates: September 20, 2016 – October 11, 2016
Reception: Thursday September 22, 2016, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat 11-6
Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, Chelsea, New York
Event URL: http://www.agora-gallery.com/artistpage/Vida_Ryan.aspx

Featured Artists:

Interpretive Realms

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About the Exhibition

Art’s ability to reimagine reality in a multitude of ways is the driving force behind the exhibition Interpretive Realms. Each artist in this show creates a body of work that captures the essence and appearance of the natural world while also bringing a highly personal vision to life. From using the camera to record precisely detailed images in which the harmony of nature’s form is put on effective display, to employing the practices of Japanese art in works that give traditional form a modern spin, this exhibition utilizes a certain sensitivity to materials and adventurous approach to technique, giving each image an intriguing, multi-layered quality. With influences as diverse as Rembrandt, Abstract Expressionism, and the art of the Australian outback, these artists demonstrate the dramatic diversity between the world we live in and the forms of art that are used to express it. The result is a vibrant, challenging show that provokes questions while also thoroughly engaging the viewer.

About Agora Gallery

Agora Gallery is a contemporary fine art gallery located in the heart of Chelsea’s fine art district in New York. Established in 1984, Agora Gallery specializes in connecting art dealers and collectors with national and international artists. The art gallery’s expert consultants are available to assist corporate and private clients in procuring original artwork to meet their organization’s specific needs and budget requirements. With a strong online presence and popular online gallery, ARTmine, coupled with the spacious and elegant physical gallery space, the work of our talented artists, who work in diverse media and styles, can receive the attention it deserves. Over the years Agora Gallery has sponsored and catered to special events aimed at fostering social awareness and promoting the use of art to help those in need.