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Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency present Culture Matters exhibition with five Aboriginal youth artists at Besser Space - 17 & 18 November

BY Sarah Guppy - This Much Talent | 17-Nov-2017
Culture Matters exhibition, is the culmination of six months of workshops with four Aboriginal young people Emily, Levi, Mya, and Rebecca as part of the VACCA Art Mentoring Project 2017.
Venue: Besser Space
Address: 15 - 25 Keele Street, Collingwood
Date: 17 & 18 November
Web: https://www.vacca.org/
: https://www.facebook.com/besserspace/
: https://www.instagram.com/besserspace/
VACCA sees culture as a protective factor which builds confidence and positive self-esteem in our children and young people and creates a sense of pride and strength in their individual identity. The Art Mentoring Project and exhibition is part of our ongoing commitment to achieving this and highlights the importance of providing opportunities for young people to explore their cultural knowledge and identity through various art mediums including sculpture, painting and putting their designs on t-shirts and gift cards. The young people have been inspired and mentored by the stories and experiences of three inspirational artists; Maree Clarke whose people are Mutti Mutti/Yorta Yorta and Boon Wurrung/Wemba Wemba; Wemba Wemba artist Emma Bamblett and Ngarigo artist Peter Waples-Crowe.

The young people have spent time with the artists and learnt about their individual culture in culturally safe spaces, as well as being provided with the mentoring to nurture their talents.

"I would like to thank the Crown Resort Foundation and Packer Foundation for supporting our vision and Maree Clarke, Peter Waples-Crowe and Emma Bamblett for sharing their talents and inspirational stories with the young people. Finally congratulations to the five young artists whose work is showcased in Culture Matters!"
Muriel Bamblett - CEO - Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency
Opening Hours:
Friday 17 November 10am - 6pm
Saturday 18 November 12pm - 5pm