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Vera Möller: A Thousand Tides

BY Zilla & Brook | 06-Mar-2019
Celebrating the amazing biosphere of the fauna, flora and terrain of Victoria’s Western Port Bay, artist Dr. Vera Möller will immerse audiences into a nature inspired wonderland with her upcoming exhibition A Thousand Tides at Bunjil Place Gallery.
Vera Möller  A Thousand Tides
Image credit Vera Möller, ‘Lobelior' 2017
Part of the ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019 festival and commisioned by Bunjil Place Gallery, A Thousand Tides endeavours to increase public awareness of the extraordinary and vital local environment. Through a sequence of large paintings, wall drawings, sculptures, sound recordings and works on paper, the esteemed artist will marry art and science to share the unique habitat of the UNESCO recognised Western Port Biosphere Reserve. Having exhibited nationally and internationally for over 25 years, A Thousand Tides marks Vera Mӧller’s first major solo exhibition in Melbourne for more than a decade.