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Venus rising, Furies raging: bodies redressed

BY Laurel McKenzie | 20-Jan-2017
This exhibition critiques representations of women through reconfiguring imagery from Western art history, right through to contemporary gameworlds, challenging persistent gendered imaging traditions.
Venus rising acknowledges the role that art has played in the objectification of women. The body of work employs mediated representations of women to create new, embodied meaning. Past strategies in feminist artistic practice are re-evaluated for their effectiveness in empowering women, and how they might contribute to a reinvigoration of feminist concerns in contemporary practice. The works, in unison, are about representation, mediated by culture. The disempowering connection between women and nature, in particular the element of water, with its associations of fertility and fecundity, is exposed. Exaggerating the binary opposition of female/nature/body, versus male/culture/the mind, is a tactic for disrupting its logic.