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Venice Vending Machine 3 a new way to unite artists internationally!

BY ARTEMOTION | 15-Sep-2015
a union of artists is formed internationally and established artists are supportive and show along side new emergent ones at the Serra adjacent at the entrance of the Venice Biennale. The question here posed to the audience is How do you value Art? Chance will reveal the rest…
Venue: Serra dei Giardini
Address: Venezia, VE 30122, Italy
Web: http://www.venicevendingmachine3.com
Venice Vending Machine image by Michael Meldru
International Exhibition at the Serra dei Giardini adjacent to the entrance of the Venice Biennale by artists who unite themselves and connect with the audience by presenting their work small but precious (of 9cm in diameter) offering the possibility of reflecting about important themes such as Immigration, ecology, and feminism.

Through this Live Art Public Installation Marina Moreno will open a continue dialogue with the audience who will be able to acquire, through the game of chance of this third edition of the Venice Vending Machine and via a totally free offer, an original work of art after replying to the question: How do you value Art?

The possibility here is offered to anyone who wish to "play" and collectors and curators will be delighted to encounter new artist they might want to engage with whilst others might simply have their first taster in the art's world.

Do you want to meet the artists?

Venice Vending Machine III will be open from the 22nd of September to the 4th of October 2015 The Vernissage is on the 25th of September 2015 at 19.00
Serra dei Giardini
1254, Castello, Venezia, VE 30122, Italy
+39 041 296 0360