Valley Women's Voice

Published by: Samantha Levy | 5-Feb-2024
We are a group of women being supported to sing our original works. Join us for a night of celebrating the goddess, nature and our internal worlds.
Venue: Arts Centre, Warburton
Address: Melbourne
Date: Saturday 17 February 2024
Time: 7pm
Ticket: $18 full/ $15 concession / $10 child
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Call: 0478509996
Valley Women's Voice
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Claire Ruby James, Ymma Tierra (pronounced iymma tierra) and Penelope & Owlsley will be the acts for this event.

Performing at the Arts Centre in Warburton on Saturday 17 February from 7-9pm.

The event will include acts by: Claire Ruby James of Dr Jazz, The Funky Monkey Family and Awaken Circus. She will be for the first time in Warburton, bringing her original songs into the spotlight. Having performed live for 20 years Claire Ruby James has graced the stages of 1000's of venues with her glow. Some highlights include The Art Centre - Melbourne, Moomba, The Spiegeltent Melbourne, Woodford Folk Festival, Peninsula Hot Springs, Werribee Zoo, Science Works and the State Library Victoria.

Penelope & Owlsley: The music sparkles, pulses, bubbles and flows. Embrace the newness, for that is their sound.

Owlsley first describes working with Penelope as ‘Well, I got chills when I heard the first playback. Penelope had navigated the song in such a way that it felt like she’d completely internalised it, meshed with it and alchemised it into an entirely new entity. This was next level stuff. I was excited about music for the first time in ages! As the months rolled on the surprises kept coming. It was the gift that kept on giving. I found myself looking forward to our recording sessions. But it wasn’t only Penelope’s melodies and phrasing that thrilled, but also her words. Our individual personas and world views are sometimes like chalk and cheese, but the synthesis of both is something truly extraordinary.’

Ymma אמא Tierra - means ‘Mother Earth’ - in a combination of Hebrew (אמא) and Spanish (Tierra) - the ancestral lineages of creatrix Samantha Levy.

This experimental music project of acoustic singing, loop pedal, rhythm, guitar and nature sounds dives deep into the ethereal landscape of spiritual connection to Place, Relationship and Ancient Ancestors. Is a way to tap into our resilience and inspiration as she explores connection to her ancestors; homelands as well as her own homebase now in Australia

The intention for this work is to call upon Spirit. To be inspired to listen to the wisdom keepers of our own inheritance and the other-than-human beings for the replenishment of our home in the environment and in our souls.

Samantha will be supported by Jordan Scotney on piano and djembe; and Michael Arvanitakis on cello

Book at or 1300 368 333

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