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Urban Interlude - Ev Hales Paintings

BY Ev Hales | 05-Nov-2013
Urban Spaces fascinate Ev Hales. They are the stage settings where daily life unfolds minute by minute. The paintings in this exhibition explore some facets of life today – like escalators - something so much part of daily life that they are used without conscious thought, as well as some Melbournian spaces presented in a slightly different context. See how Hales uses the chosen medium as an active player in the creation of her images.
Venue: Art at St Francis
Address: 326 Lonsdale Street
Date: 21 November - 7 January
Time: 9 am - 5 pm Mon - Fri and 9 am - 3 pm Sunday
Ticket: Free
EMail: bwremmen@bigpond.net.au
Ev Hales " Geometric" Acrylic 2012
Ev Hales source and photo credit.
Displaying these urban images in the heart of the city seems like bringing them 'home'. The urban spaces we build are full of dynamic design and Ev Hales has an eye to capture this and present this as a backdrop to a series of images that capture the essence of life today. The paintings are both acrylic and watercolour media.