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Upcoming Artist Masterclass - The Art of Collaboration with Creature Creature

BY Redbubble | 20-Mar-2015
Redbubble is running a series of Masterclasses, aimed at giving Melbourne creatives some insights that can't be found with a simple Google search. The next Masterclass, the Art of Collaboration takes place next Saturday March 28, with Redbubble's artists in residence Creature Creature. Seats are limited.
Venue: Redbubble HQ
Address: Level 3, 271 Collins St, Melbourne
Date: March 28, 2015
Time: 10am - 12pm
Ticket: Free
Buy / Ticket: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Redbubble/107810395970444
Web: http://events.redbubble.com/masterclasses/
: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Redbubble/107810395970444
EMail: events.melbourne@redbubble.com
Artistic duo and Redbubble Resident, Creature Creature
Online marketplace Redbubble is running a series of Masterclasses that takes Melbourne’s creative leaders and allows them to share their skills and experiences in an interactive environment. The Masterclasses cover a range of topics from typography to collaboration, and aim to give Melbourne creatives some insights that can't be found with a simple Google search. 

Artistic duo Creature Creature will be taking the next Redbubble Masterclass, and demonstrate the Art of Collaboration on 28 March. Attendees will be given tips on how to work with other artists, plenty of inspiration and examples from other creative teams, and a variety of activities to help get in the spirit of collaborating. A partner is not required for this class, and tickets can be booked at rdbl.co/master-collab .