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Unity Floors - Exotic Goldfish Blues

BY Higher Plains | 13-Nov-2013
Formed in 2010, long standing buddies Gus Hunt and Henry Gosling began making music as a means of passing the time and having something to do on a an otherwise dreary Wednesday night. Bonding over a similar appreciation of 80s/90s music, the boys played their first show as Unity Floors in late 2010.

Their debut LP, aptly titled Exotic Goldfish Blues is a collection of eleven timeless and acutely Australian rock'n'roll songs. Following on from their 2011 EP Women's Golf, Exotic Goldfish Blues is a continuation and a perfect staple of the archetypal, wholly unrestrained Unity Floors aesthetic.

Recorded sporadically over a few months in various locations including studios, their bedrooms and random hallways, Exotic Goldfish Blues captures the carefree ethos of the band's musicianship; one that is fundamentally an extension of their own friendship and everyday lives.

No ode to any particular band, genre or era Exotic Goldfish Blues is Unity Floors' long awaited debut LP and is the product of two guys simply writing songs and playing scrappy rock music in their lounge room.

Exotic Goldfish Blues is due for release via Popfrenzy on Friday 29 November.

This December 5, 6 and 7 the boys will be playing shows across the east coast in support of their debut album.

AU Tour Dates:

Thursday 5 December - Grand Central Hotel, Brisbane

Friday 6 December - Dane Certificate's Magic Theatre, Melbourne

Saturday 7 December - Factory Floor, Sydney