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Unique visual arts website - artsdiary.co.nz

BY Sait Akkirman | 24-Apr-2013
Artsdiary is unique in its comprehensive coverage of Auckland's richly diverse and vibrant visual arts scene. With daily updates, we are always fresh and current. Our format provides easy access to the latest information about current and forthcoming exhibitions, as well as photographs from exhibition openings, which have created a fascinating social record of people's engagement with art.

Look out for our weekly updates on this portal.

In October 2010, after experiencing some difficulty arranging an "arts tour" for friends visiting from Australia, we decided to launch a "one-stop-shop" on the web to make it easier to see at a glance what's showing in visual arts exhibitions throughout Auckland. Artsdiary went live two weeks later on 01/11/2010. We aim to be fully comprehensive and up-to-date, in a visually stimulating format, that's elegant and easy to use. On the "EXHIBITIONS" page we post details from over 70 public, art school and dealer galleries throughout the Auckland region.

"BEEN THERE" features my photographs, mainly from exhibition openings. These show artworks in scale and context, including visitors and their interaction with the works and each other. To date, I have visited over 900 exhibitions, and posted photographs from most of them. These have developed into an invaluable social record, showing the vibrancy and rich diversity of the contemporary Auckland arts scene. This month we've introduced "Exhibition Notes", with a view to providing some background to the shows we cover in the "Been There" section. We hope you enjoy our website, and recommend Artsdiary to others.