Under a magnificent Neem Tree - Atelier-Galerie Veepilaisakti opens in Madurai

Published by: MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma | 18-Aug-2019
When MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma first saw a small, traditional house built under one of her beloved Neem Tree Mothers, she immediately decided to choose this place as her Atelier-Galerie in Madurai. MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma - Neem Tree Mothers -Dance @ Atelier-Galerie Veepilaisakti
Venue: Atelier-Galerie Veepilaisakti
Address: Tiruppalai Main Road 32X, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Date: 29-06-2019 - 25-08-2019
Web: www.maecoart.com
: www.linkedin.com/in/mariska-veepilaikaliyamma-829a6316a/
: www.pinterest.nz/mariskamaeco/pins/
EMail: mariskamaeco@gmail.com
In two rooms, the artist and world citizen, who lives since 2003 in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, South India, MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma will present her artworks, photographies, art jewellery and also women's handicraft from Tamil Nadu and other regions of India as well. Further, the Atelier-Galerie will also serve as a space of creating her new artworks.

Her beloved Neem Tree Mothers - a great inspiration

Every Neem Tree is regarded as a Goddess, especially related to Mariyamman and Kaliyamman. From the first time, MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma, already dedicated to ancient Earth-and Nature Goddess spirituality before her first arrival in Tamil Nadu, saw a Neem Tree she felt this special connection, this bond with this unique Tree. Her beloved Neem Tree Mothers are a great inspiration for her paintings.

Paintings celebrating Mother Earth and Nature using natural colours

The first exhibition in Atelier-Galerie Veepilaisakti (Veepilai- leaf of the Neem Tree, Sakti- divine, sacred life energy) will celebrate MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma's beloved Neem Tree Mothers. Every painting represents a particular moment, at a specific moon phase. Before painting, the artist starts with a meditation, sitting on the Earth, embracing her Neem Tree Mothers. The flow of Earth and Nature energies continues manifesting first in the form of a dance, the movements continue flowing and finally, MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma creates an artwork.

Artworks for healing and meditation

Every artwork represents particular healing energies and if a person is especially attracted to a particular painting, it means that this painting is meant on a particular journey of healing and meditation.

Photo exhibition

Additionally to the painting exhibition, MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma will also present a selection of her photos from Village Goddess festivals in Tamil Nadu, especially her favourite ritual Mulaipari. She has written a book on the subject which will be published in July/August. Further, she will show photos from her travels in France where she organizes every year solo exhibitions and visits special places in Nature which are an inspiration for her.

Women's handicraft from Tamil Nadu

The exhibition will also show special selected handicraft items from Tamil Nadu. For example, Craftfully designed Batik saris, shawls and scarves from a Batik artist's initiative will be presented. 30 village ladies were skilfully trained in Batik work and a selection of their work was selected to be shown in the Atelier-Galerie Veepilaisakti.

Opening with live-music

On 29-06-2019, from 19 h onwards, the Atelier-Galerie Veepilaisakti opened with a special cultural programme. Ajitha & her group presented traditional Tamil kummi songs and dance. MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma saw Ajitha performing at the Mandaiyamman Festival in Tiruppalai, Madurai and was delighted by her energetic presentation. So she invited her to perform at the opening.

Future exhibitions and cultural programme

Every two month, MAriska MA Veepilaikaliyamma, will organise a new exhibition, showing her artworks, photographies and selected women's arts and crafts, especially creations of Village and Tribal ladies of Tamil Nadu. For the exhibition opening, the artist will invite women musicians and dancers. Present art exhibition: Neem Tree Mothers -Dance - 29-06 - 25-08-2018 Batik work by village ladies from Nedumaram

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