Uncovering new talents through ‘wonder’.

Published by: Angela Ringuet | 11-Sep-2023
Children of Norseman District School experienced numerous art mediums during daily Creative Challenge workshops for a week long residency in August 2022.
Uncovering new talents through ‘wonder’.
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During Term 3, AWESOME artists Natalie Zuchetti and Emilie Monty travelled up to Norseman District School on Ngadju Country to explore tie-dying fabrics, wearable art and mixed media canvas with groups of students from Norseman District School. This residency was proudly supported by Healthway and the Go for 2 & 5 message.

This year’s Creative Challenge theme of ‘Wonder’ was used daily as an inspirational thought process to guide the workshops delivery, allowing the young artists to explore techniques they hadn’t before.

They worked with as stencil at, painting, mural designing, tie dye and installations. The young artists evolved over the course of the residency and discovered a lot of hidden talents and new, exciting skills to build on.

An exhibition of the children’s work was organised to celebrate their several artworks. The entire school and parents and community Elders attended the celebration, explored the artworks and enjoyed healthy platters supporting the Go for 2 & 5 message.

Shire members from Dundas requested to have some of the art permanently exhibited at the local council building for all to enjoy!

Some quotes from partcipants:

This is gonna be the best week! – Year 3 Participant

I didn’t think I would need to talk to you and that I would already know how to create a mural but now I have I see there’s a lot I need to learn – Jarrah

Look at this! It’s great – Year 5 Participant

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