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Two Weeks. Twwwwwo weeks! until Field Trip

BY ART NEWS PORTAL | 23-Nov-2012
Two Weeks. Twwwwwo weeks! No one wants to fake memories of great conferences gone by *gets awesome Total Recall reference in*, so let’s show you some work to get your mind a racing of what’s to come and get you a ticket pronto.
Venue: Sydne7y: Seymour Centre
Date: Friday 7 December 2012
Ticket: General &90.10, Student $67.50, VIP $135.00
Buy / Ticket: http://www.thefieldtrip.com.au/tickets/
Web: http://www.thefieldtrip.com.au
: https://www.facebook.com/afieldtrip

Nigel Buchanan
Maricor Maricar
Benja Harney
Anthony Calvert
Gamma O'Brien
Forge & Morrow

Phew, that was harder than I thought. If you’re like huh... what? Even better though, scroll down the page to see some of the works of those guys to my right. We still have some tickets up for grabs, so use the Discount Code FIELDTRIP2012 to score a flat 10% OFF. It’s more if you start buying in bulk. http://www.thefieldtrip.com.au

About Field Trip

While the live conference has long been a staple of most creative's social and business annual consumption habits, we couldn't help but feel that some of them were lacking in... fibre...

While it's all well and good to hear from your favourite designers and the like in terms of their process, influences, and portfolio, we wanted to dig a little deeper. There were so many instances where we came away from the mind-bending work of a speaker and could only think 'How the hell did they do that?'

Field Trip is going to tell you how. More than that though, it will show you. (It will also tap you gently on the shoulder, tell you you are pretty, and then maybe, if you are nice, give you free things).

A collaboration between the home-grown talent powerhouse, The Jacky Winter Group, and creative community Australian Infront, Field Trip will feature seven artists from The Jacky Winter Group, crossing disciplines from Vector and traditional Illustration, Motion Graphics, Photography, and 3D modelling/retouching, in a unique live format.

The bastard child of an outdoor music festival and a live cooking demonstration, each presenter will be performing a unique 'act' exclusive to Field Trip which will reveal the creative process from start to finish as a new work is created from the ground up, or an existing brief is laid out on the slab and dissected. Mistakes will be made, secrets revealed, and collaborations will be aplenty.

Through video feeds from live cameras as well as source computers, the Audience will gain a direct insight into the tools, processes, and thoughts, of some of the most successful commercial artists working in Australia today.

After a sell-out event in Melbourne earlier this year, Field Trip is just pleased as punch to be packing up its strange carnival of sometimes awkward personalities to trek north and slather its proprietary blend of herbs and spices all over the Sydney populace. Get amongst it!