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Twitter’s Top Line vs Bottom Line More and More

BY Geronimo G | 22-Sep-2014
Social media was obviously the first choice and solution to consider to let the world know we’re around. We signed up with almost all and created pages with cool content.
Get the Philanartoholic Boomerang Effect
Of all the networks we joined Twitter sparked first showing highest levels on interest and engagement, it was spontaneous and the followers were the exact people we went for, artists. The art shared during any hour of the day is mind blowing, inspirational and beautiful, so we decided to display it in a most befitting manner on the site and the result was not only truly engaging for any artoholic, it can easily convert a non-artoholic into one inspiring art lovers and artists alike with content generated by fellow artists sharing it around. When we looked at our analytics after a while we discovered that our shared Tweets are RT’d a phenomenal 99%, not a record that can easily be broken in a record time of few weeks while we’re fine-tuning the platform and our offering pre-launch, amassing over 15K accurately targeted Followers, with this sharing engagement level we now reach to over ten million likeminded people around the globe through Twitter. When it came to the site traffic, it isn’t that high yet but we have 0.00% Bounce Rate, every single visitor stays and over 80% are signing up which is not obligatory and the most impressive stat of all is a constant 50%-60% average are returning visitors, this in our view is the greatest accomplishment when it comes to the platform’s endorsement to provide quality up to date content that interest that many people to make them come back for more and more every day. More and more, exactly the answer and secret as to how we achieved all that within few weeks. We’ve been on lots of forums, blogs and watched many tutorial videos to learn the best practice on how to use Twitter and the other SM platforms, they were very informative from the technical point almost all addressing the bottom line. Basically they tell you how to win the race of having more people follow you and hear your message with the hope that these people will share it with others. This strategy made people even go out to buy fake followers, we call them eggs, to either show off how popular they are or even use that to sell their services to spread the word to their followers that will hardly hatch, some sites charge ridiculously high fees reaching over $10k for a single Tweet from a celebrity that claims to have few million real fans followers. Companies bought eggs as well who could be also real people in principal and somehow according to the analytics, they RT the posts almost robotically as soon as they’re posted. Their bottom line in this case is pretty impressive with so many followers pushing out their posts out, classifying the account as a ‘reliable source of information’, whatever they say is shared and loved by their followers. When it came to the top line which shows how many of the shared Tweets are shared with others, none of those huge brands or blogs made it to 20%, actually the grand majority didn’t make it to 5% and most are at 0% level of real engagement with their followers. The source of these analytics is Twitonomy.com they provide a deep insight into the Twitter accounts performance. With the phenomenal appeal and engagement from billions of users the SM platforms operators as well as the advertisers realized the importance of the mined data to reach their target audience. Brands invested billions in promoting on these platforms which proved to be quite effective when it is concentrated in a certain geo location and as a brand positioning reaching out to your customers and fans, sometimes going further to use it as another e-commerce outlet rather than a community sharing platform.

 Twitter recently launched the Business Promote Tweets applying a similar formula to their competitors. We didn’t know most of all that when we started, we went ahead and applied what we learned for few weeks, it didn’t really produce any results nor did it make any sense, so we decided to go with our emotions and mission this time applying our business model which is to give more, take back more, give more and take more and carry on more and more whatever that is, it worked with flying colors for us and all our likeminded Followers at the same time. We simply put this network to perform what it was originally created to do which is sharing and not a platform to announce to your followers the release of a new product which is how most are using it at this time. It is understandable that a brand would not be sharing other brand’s Tweets but it didn’t make sense when it came to artists who are supposed to live in a world away from competition with the first rule is to share your creativity with others same as you would share and appreciate another artist, after all historically most artists are art collectors themselves. We thought we would share this important finding with you, hopefully it can inspire you to make better use of your social media being on Twitter or other, the same philosophy applies. 

On the other hand, it really doesn’t make any difference how many networks you’re on, just focus on any one, they all have millions following, obviously they overlap, get your engagement at the right level on the platform you’re most comfortable with sharing with passion and getting the philanartoholic boomerang effect, we hashtagged it #PhABE. The #PhABE initiative gained us unique new experience and knowledge that we decided to share it in the best artpreneurial manner possible. While we are employing our professional curating and content DJ services to generate revenue to sustain the initiative and fulfill our big dream arting rides, we ensure that the artist is getting a fair opportunity and the supporter is reaching their target audience most effectively in a unique new artsy style from the artist’s perspective. Visit our site theartpreneurs.com to learn more about it and see for yourself what we’re talking about.