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BY Dancehouse | 22-Apr-2014
Tukre' (Pieces in Hindi), Australian choreographer and dancer Raghav Handa explores how cultural lineage and rites of passage transcend borders and oceans. Inspired by the contents of Handa's own luggage when he arrived in Australia from India to attend boarding school, this dance work explores the shifting connections between our past, present and future and the importance of family – even when they are thousands of kilometres away.

In this piece, Handa creates a memory map of his life and family heritage through music and dance. Using family heirlooms, which Handa will touch for the first time in this performance, he evokes the traditions and rituals of his family, including his mother's 19thcentury necklace and dazzling saris.

Dates: 2/5 - 7.30pm 3/5 - 7.30pm 4/5 - 7.30pm 9/5 - 7.30pm 10/5 - 1pm & 7.30pm 11/5 - 7.30pm

Tukre has been commissioned and developed through Next Wave's Kickstart program for Next Wave Festival 2014.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW.