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BY Bradley Storer | 06-Dec-2015
An evening of dark cabaret delights and Weimar-lite entertainment!
Venue: The Butterfly Club
Address: 5 Carson Place (off Lt Collins Place), Melbourne VIC 3000
Date: Tuesday February 2nd - Sunday February 7th, 2016
Time: 8:30pm
Ticket: Full $32, Concession $28, Members $26, Groups (6+) $25
Buy / Ticket: www,thebutterflyclub.com
: www.facebook.com/bradleystorercabaret
(Photography by: Sean Higgins Photography
Design by: Phillip Dupuy)
Faced with the chaos of the modern world, one must either laugh or go mad. Sometimes, we must do both! Come with cabaret performer Bradley Storer on the hellish roller-coaster ride known as Trickster: a dark-indie cabaret exploring the insanities of the modern world.

Trickster cheekily takes the greatest issues facing mankind today – religious turmoil, political and social upheaval, the Kardashians - smashes them into a misshapen pile and sets fire to it in a glorious and chilling night of Weimar-lite entertainment.

Featuring music ranging from the Dresden Dolls, Kurt Weill to Kate Bush and Rage Against The Machine, Trickster poses the question: If we’re all heading for hell, why not at least go out tap dancing?