Leslie Morris Media | 17-Jun-2016
AU, MELBOURNE - 17.06.2016 "“ Award winning Melbourne production company Cinema Viscera are seeking post-production funds for their first feature film, Trench, a modern girl-powered mystery shot like a 1940s film noir and celebrating the city and culture of Melbourne. The production is looking to raise $15,000 via the Australian Cultural Fund, from Friday 17th June to Saturday 23rd July. All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible and all donations made within the first 13 days of the campaign will be able to claim a tax deduction for this financial year. @cinemaviscera @TRENCHin140 #trenchfilmnoir #cinemaviscera
Trench is the story of a reclusive writer being stalked in her high-rise apartment, and the stand-up comedian-turned-novice private eye who comes to her aid"¦ for a fee, of course. Together, they form an offbeat duo to solve the case"¦ but could it be the death of them?

Principal photography was completed over 16 action-packed days in April 2016, with the help of a small but dedicated crew and a great ensemble of actors, including Samantha Hill (in her film debut), Perri Cummings (Neighbours), Cate Wolfe (The Doctor Blake Mysteries), Lulu McClatchy (Bogan Pride) and Scott Major (Neighbours). With the edit underway, all money raised will go toward a polished final product with the creation of an original score, professional sound mix, color grade and visual effects, everything to make the film ready for festivals. Trench is well on its way to be 'The Little Film That Could' of 2016/17. But it can only happen with your help!


Cinema Viscera is an award-winning Melbourne-based film/video production company, headed by director/writer/producer Paul Anthony Nelson and writer/actor/producer Perri Cummings.

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